1. The episode begins with Jenks on his way to see Chad. In the car, Jenks talks with producer Kassie about growing up near Chad and Jenks' less than stellar dating history in high school. CHAD Only a week away from graduation, Jenks joins Chad for......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Check out what happened on episode 3 of 'World Of Jenks.'


  2. **Episode available on Amazon Prime** Chad struggles through his last few weeks of school, Kaylin prepares to move to New York, and Jenks takes the Turf Feinz on a camping trip.


  3. In these online exclusive scenes, Chad learns about nutrition and Jenks bonds with the Turf Feinz.


About Episode

  1. The episode begins with Jenks on his way to see Chad. In the car, Jenks talks with producer Kassie about growing up near Chad and Jenks' less than stellar dating history in high school.


    Only a week away from graduation, Jenks joins Chad for one of his last days at Westchester Exceptional Children's School. While there, Chad struggles and complains throughout his least favorite class: gym.

    Later, one of his teachers, Sylvia, explains to Jenks that while Chad is extraordinarily bright when it comes to maps and geography, he still struggles to read and write. While school has been tremendously beneficial to his development, it is apparent that Chad must continue to work on life skills such as buttoning his own shirt and tying his own shoes.

    During a counseling session, the reality of having to leave school and change his routine after graduation begins to hit home for Chad, and he talks about the anxiety he's feeling. In the car on their way home, Jenks opens up to Chad about his own issues with anxiety.

    In a flashback, Jenks tells Kassie about his own struggles and explains that his family, especially his mom, helped him through. He hopes that by being there for Chad and opening up to him it will help Chad know he's not alone.

    To calm his stress and anxiety, Chad takes Jenks to a local park he often goes to when he needs to relax. Walking near a stream, Chad explains that water always helps to calm him. Jenks talks to him about understanding how important his routine is and Chad says that Jenks is "getting it now."


    While learning how to change baby Dom's diaper, Jenks talks with D-Real and Keona about their relationship. They have a child together, live in the same house, and sleep in the same bed, but are 'just friends'.

    Jenks meets the rest of D-Real's family members during a dinner at D-Real's mother's house. His mom Paris, brothers, Ray Ray and Nevin, and sister, Nikia, talk about what D-Real was like growing up. Paris calls him Darrell, not D-Real. Nikia explains that growing up, D-Real couldn't even dance and had 'two left feet'. They're all incredibly proud of both his accomplishments through dance and the way he carries himself as a young man and father.

    A few days later, Jenks goes back for a one-on-one visit with Paris, who opens up about the murder of Dom, D-Real's brother.

    Later, Jenks meets up with D-Real's dance group, the Turf Feinz, for pizza. He learns that almost all of them have children. The guys begin to bond. After attending E-Ninja's birthday bowling party, Jenks takes the Turf Feinz on an overnight camping trip.

    At the campsite, D-Real and the Turf Feinz are scared of the dark and the woods. After hilariously expressing their fears, the guys sit around the campfire and explain that dancing must be their future. They're broke and must capitalize on the viral success of 'Dancing in the Rain' in order to provide for their families.


    A few days away from moving to New York, Jenks and Kaylin enjoy the rest of their time in San Francisco.

    Kaylin tells Jenks about her pills regimen. As a result of her cancer, she takes several medications on a daily basis. As an alternative treatment, Kaylin much prefers medical marijuana, which is legal in California. Before ordering marijuana from a delivery service, Kaylin explains that marijuana has been a huge help with her symptoms but she will not have access to it in New York, since the drug is illegal there.

    Before leaving San Francisco, Kaylin's friends are throwing her a huge going away party. The theme, like the title of Kaylin's comic book, is 'terminally illin'. Everyone must come dressed as sick as possible.

    Later, at the party, Kaylin's friends express their concern about her moving across the country, but are optimistic about her success and proud that she has decided to move on and chase her dream of becoming part of the New York fashion scene. They hope that people will look beyond Kaylin as being just someone with cancer. Kaylin explains that she can't live her life in fear preparing for cancer to come back and that she has to move on for survival.

    After packing and saying goodbye's, Jenks and Kaylin head to the airport. When a security guard asks what they're filming, Jenks explains that he's documenting a fashion designer. Kaylin is appreciative that Jenks chose not to introduce her as a cancer patient, like so many other people do. She's looking forward to a new beginning in New York where she doesn't have to be seen as "the girl who had cancer."