1. The episode begins with a montage of Jenks's college speaking engagements before filming began on WORLD OF JENKS: Season 2. During these appearances, Jenks talked about his first two documentaries, ROOM 335 and THE ZEN OF BOBBY V, and how he got......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Check out what happened on episode 4 of 'World Of Jenks.'


  2. **Episode available on Amazon Prime** Chad graduates from school, D-Real confronts his feelings about his brother's death, and Kaylin searches for jobs in the Big Apple.


  3. In these exclusive scenes, Kaylin is having fun experiencing New York City and D-Real opens up about PTSD.


About Episode

  1. The episode begins with a montage of Jenks's college speaking engagements before filming began on WORLD OF JENKS: Season 2. During these appearances, Jenks talked about his first two documentaries, ROOM 335 and THE ZEN OF BOBBY V, and how he got to be on MTV. Jenks plans to use these experiences of speaking in public to help Chad, who must deliver a speech at his graduation ceremony.


    Chad's teacher reminds him that he must deliver a speech during graduation. He's not thrilled about it, saying that he doesn't believe in speeches, but goes along and enlists Jenks' help in writing it.

    The night before graduation, Jenks talks with Chad's parents, Mike and Sheri, about what life will be like for Chad after graduation. They are sad about him leaving school, but excited for the future. That night, Chad allows Jenks to stay over and film his nighttime routine which consists of Mike brushing his teeth and Chad organizing stacks of photos and DVD's next to the air mattress that he sleeps on in his parent's room.

    The morning of graduation, Chad is still rehearsing his speech with Jenks. Just before the ceremony begins, Chad's emotions and anxiety begin to take over. He's unsure whether or not he can go through with the speech.

    During the ceremony, Chad is given the school spirit award. He begrudgingly accepts before having to deliver his speech. He's nervous at the start but, after getting a laugh from the crowd, Chad is able to relax and finish with confidence. His anxiety about graduating now gone, Chad explains how happy he is.


    The first image of Kaylin in New York comes footage from shot by her personal camera as she films the view outside her apartment window and talks about how excited and grateful she is to finally be living in New York.

    Not wasting any time, Kaylin immediately begins looking for work in the fashion industry. After applying for several retail jobs, her first real prospect is with a talent agency for design professionals called 24/Seven. Kaylin meets with April Cain, account manager, and Ernie Buffalino, VP of creative talent, both of whom are very impressed with Kaylin's portfolio and experience. They hope to find her work as a design assistant soon.

    Later at her Brooklyn apartment, Kaylin is coming down with a cold. She explains to Jenks that when feeling sick, it is imperative that she get a lot of rest, which will not be an option when she has to start working full time. It is entirely possible the fashion industry's grueling hours could cause a recurrence of her cancer. Imagining that possibility brings Kaylin to tears. She tells Jenks that the human body can undergo cancer treatment only so many times before it finally breaks down and the patient has no more options. But Kaylin resolves to stay positive - she has made the move to New York and she's going to make the most of it.

    To cheer Kaylin up, Jenks and his younger brother, Matt, take her out for a night in New York City. At a bar they play pool, then go back to Jenks' apartment. Jenks becomes self-conscious about wearing too many v-necks and Matt jokingly reveals that Jenks lied about his fitness regimen while being interviewed for a men's fitness magazine last year. This roast of Jenks from Matt gets Kaylin laughing.


    During a one-on-one basketball game between Jenks and D-Real, they discuss D-Real's future plans. D-Real says he hopes to organize dance battles in Oakland that will promote non-violence. He says that dance is the new violence, meaning that instead of focusing on fighting and gang life, young people in Oakland will start putting their energy into dance competition.

    Putting his mission into action, D-Real pitches his dance battle idea to multiple organizations that could potentially sponsor citywide dance battles. After meetings with Oakland Leaf Foundation and Silence the Violence, D-Real meets with Measure Y's Kevin Grant. But this isn't the first time the two have met.

    Kevin came to the crime scene on the night D-Real's brother was murdered, and helped to control an enraged and emotional D-Real. Measure Y's mission is to show up in Oakland's 'hot spots' and offer services to help people in the community, and to intervene in conflicts before violence erupts.

    Kevin is impressed by D-Real's pitch, and asks him to speak and perform at Measure Y's weekly 'Midnight Basketball' event, then join his team on a late night walk through East Oakland. D-Real is excited and happy to do it.

    Jenks returns to Oakland a few days later saying he is worried about D-Real. He's been talking to him on the phone and something seems off. When he arrives, D-Real tells Jenks that one of his cousins was recently murdered. This act of violence causes him to question whether or not he should remain in Oakland. He wants to help his city, but violence is a serious threat to him and his family.

    To help with the healing process, Jenks takes D-Real to the White Cross Memorial, which displays a cross with the name of each homicide victim that has been killed in Oakland throughout the year. Upon viewing the memorial with Jenks, D-Real becomes emotional when talking about the death of his brother Dom. He says that he heard his brother knocking at the front door of his apartment a few days earlier and was devastated because of course his brother wasn't really there. He reveals to Jenks that he feels guilty about his brother's murder since he is the one who brought Dom into the gang life. He vows to continue fighting for peace. Later, Jenks reveals that he knew D-Real was grieving but didn't realize he was feeling guilt as well.

    Before speaking at Midnight Basketball, D-Real shares his anxiety with Jenks about walking the streets with the Measure Y team. He has been uncomfortable going out at night ever since his brother's murder. At the event Kevin introduces D-Real, whose speech and performance are a success.

    Later during the walk, D-Real and the Measure Y team pass the corner where D-Real's brother was murdered. The Measure Y team surrounds and supports him. On the ride home, D-Real tells Jenks that for the first time since his brother's death he feels strengthened. Not retaliating for his brother's murder is the ultimate revenge, because D-Real won't be drawn into a cycle of violence that will lead nowhere.