1. My name is Andrew Jenks, and I am a 24-year-old filmmaker.

    When I was nineteen years old I moved into a nursing home for over a month and documented what life was like when you are near the end. What began as a low-budget summer project turned...   Read More

  2. He's baaaack! A fan favorite from Season 1, Jenks only scratched the surface when he spent eight days living with Chad last time.

    Now 21-years-old, Chad gives a completely unfiltered look at what life is like as a young person with Autism. In...   Read More

  3. A 21-year-old, born and raised in Oakland, D-Real is possibly THE guy that can save his city from itself. Ranked as one of America's most violent cities, Oakland's homicide rate is still on the rise. D-Real's solution is simple - Dance. Wait, what?

  4. As an incredibly talented fashion designer and writer living in San Francisco, Kaylin has overcome more in her young age than most do in a lifetime. Before her 24th birthday, Kaylin battled two entirely different forms of primary cancer. It...   Read More