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    Wonder Showzen is an absurdist comedy/variety show, spiked with a team of puppets, kids, cartoons and old educational films. Remember all those Saturday mornings you spent in front of the tube in your jammies? Well, Wonder Showzen takes your...  Read Full Summary

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  1. Looking for the stark, ugly and profound truths of the world? Let the children and puppets of Wonder Showzen teach you with full episodes.

  2. Clarence takes to the mean streets of New York City and risks his life to see just what it takes to produce compelling television.

  3. Chauncey, Clarence and the rest of those foul-mouthed little brats let you know just what it's like to hand inside them all day long.

  4. Reading?! Who needs that? How about some pictures of all your favorite moments, instead?

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  1. Compelling Television. Clarence seeks, captures, and defeats the notion of compelling...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Today's Wonder Showzen is brought to you by Math. Wordsworth and Sthugar travel the...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Wonder Showzen is so broke the gang buys a bootleg rip off and decide to show that...  Read Full Summary »


About Wonder Showzen

  1. If Big Bird spread avian flu along the bubbly babytalk cobblestones of Sesame Street and wiped out everyone but Oscar (sorry Snuffy), in the ashes of the world capitol of wholesomeness would stand Wonder Showzen. A smartass spitball in the eye of goody goody kiddie TV, Wonder Showzen is homeless and itchy in the land of make believe.

    It follows no rules, stopping shows halfway through and running them in reverse and humiliating helpless civilians with sarcastic puppets. And Wonder Showzen does that dirtiness with an all-star cast.

    Cameos from the too-cool indie underground include Amy Poehler, Amy Sedaris, Dick Gregory, Judah Friedlander, Rick Springfield and Devendra Banhart. Flavor Flav tells bedtime stories, John Oates (Hall & Oates) does an anti-war duet with Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) and David Cross gets in bed with Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham. It's a free for all. And it's educational!

    And did we mention they got puppets?! Meet Chauncey, Clarence, Him, Wordsworth, Sthugar, Letter N, Letter P, - hell, the whole dysfunctional alphabet - Middle America, Mother Nature, Bootleg Puppets and newscaster A.P. Gibraltar. And please, don't take what they say personally. Some of them were in 'Nam.

    Need more? From irreverent political street interviews hosted by smart-mouthed "Beat Kids" to Mr. Body and D.O.G.O.B.G.Y.N., children's letters to Jesus to gynecological cartoons, Wonder Showzen is downright dirty. Nasty. Sick. Wrong. Totally gonzo amazing. Watch away your values, and see super-secret bonus clips only on MTV2.