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  1. The self-appointed host of Wonder Showzen, Chauncey rules with an iron hand and a furry face and a five way rump. WARNING! Watch out for his lap.

    Likes: rubbing, foaming at the mouth, yowling for freedom
    Dislikes: Guam, Guamidians, the innocent...   Read More

  2. WS's man on the street. He's blue, tireless, fearless and pant-less. If being annoying could save people's lives, Clarence would be Martin Luther King. Curiosity can only get him so far before he winds up in a Mexican prison.

    Likes: the homeless,...   Read More

  3. Him meat cretin. Him have wig so you no look at Him face. Him want lady who love dancing and cocktail wieners.

    Likes: crouching, royal watching, 99-cent store food
    Dislikes: whitey, fat cats, the Vietnam War

  4. Two parts cotton candy, nine parts lisp and one chunk fang, Sthugar is the only lady monster on Wonder Showzen, She's cute enough to make a donkey rot just by looking up at him. She's the hyper-voices in her-head-moral-center of the gang.

    Likes:...   Read More

  5. The annoying nerd know-it-all worm, who acts as the biographer to the goings on in Wonder Showzen.

    Likes: filling out forms, hats, listening to "This American Life" on NPR, the OED
    Dislikes: What are commonly called "girls", puppetry, sitting on...   Read More

  6. The newsmaster general of Wonder Showzen. He gives it to us straight and hard. He has a daughter named Lashequa May. Whatta tool.

    Likes: novelties, diction, erotic sci-fi fantasy
    Dislikes: corruption, evil doing, bible salesmen

  7. Wonder Showzen's Beat Kid on special assignment to right the truths and expose the filthy pestilent heart of America.

    Likes: high-fiving, he meemaw and he peepaw, the films of Jean Luc Godard.
    Dislikes: our corporate over lords, carrots, MTV in...   Read More