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Songs from the show

    1. Bow Wow  ‘Bow Wow (That's My Name)'

    1. Chris Brown  ‘Run It'

    1. Chris Brown  ‘Look At Me Now'

    1. Jonas Brothers  ‘Burnin Up'

    1. Jiggsaw  ‘It's A Crime'

    1. The Hussy's  ‘Napoleon'

    1. The Handcuff's  ‘Boys Can Be Dumb'

    1. Jiggsaw  ‘Lemon Drops'

    1. Tank  ‘Maybe I Deserve'

    1. Switchfoot  ‘Oh! Gravity'

    1. Wu Tang Clan  ‘C.R.E.A.M.'

    1. The Cute Lepers  ‘Always Gonna Do That'

    1. The Handcuff's  ‘If You Don't Stop Your Crying'