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Even though Bob can't show his skills on the lake due to his injury, he can still use his talent of party planning for Phil's birthday.

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In these bonus clips, the gang goes out on the lake and Bob does not appreciate Phil's jokes about his injury.

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Get to know more about the Soven brothers and learn how they express themselves on the water.

Alexa Soars Over Cancer

Click here to learn more about Alexa's inspirational story of battling her illness while following her passion.

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  1. The guys travel to Ft. Worth, TX for a King Of Wake tour stop. Even though Bob can't compete because of his injury, he's determined to get attention for his crazy antics, including throwing Phil a birthday party he'll never forget. Phil reverses things an...  Read Full Summary »


  2. While Phil travels to Acworth, GA for a tour stop; Bob is forced to undergo surgery for a recent injury and misses the rest of his tour. When Phil returns from his competition he is shocked by the healing methods that Bob is taking up....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Grandma Sondra drives up from Miami to visit Bob and Phil for the weekend. While Grandma's in town, the guys accommodate her active lifestyle and Bob spends the weekend trying to get Granny and Phil to like Alexa....  Read Full Summary »



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    1. J Zone  ‘Grandmas Make The World'

    1. Dukes of DaVille  ‘My Song'

    1. Fannypack  ‘Yo!'

    1. Doomtree  ‘Own Yours'

    1. G. Love & Special Sauce  ‘Grandmother'


About WakeBrothers

  1. Sibling rivalry usually diminishes over time. But in the case of Phil and Bob
    Soven... it's just heating up!

    23-year-old Phil Soven is at the top of his game as the number one prowake
    boarder in the world. Having been a professional in his sport for half
    his life, Phil has numerous endorsement deals, hundreds of trophies, and a
    determination to continue furthering his career on the water. Phil is
    focused on making smart decisions and savvy business investments, but
    he's not all work and no play. He has reached celebrity status and the
    ladies love some Phil "The Real Deal" Soven.

    While Phil is a stoic, stone-cold wakeboarder, and a one-man wolf pack,
    Bob is the polar opposite. He is goofy, outgoing, and always coming up
    with new outrageous ideas that get under his older brother's skin.
    At 20 years old, Bob is more concerned about being number one in the
    hearts of the fans rather than number one on the podium. Bob is always
    up to antics like bringing red-headed awareness week to Texas, buying
    exotic animals for their backyard, and going to great lengths to find his
    brother a girlfriend... just to name a few.

    The brothers live in Phil's million-dollar dream home on a private lake. Their
    custom, rock-star-ready bachelor pad is the perfect party spot for their
    group of friends. Anything goes at Phil's palace; the only problem is, their
    parents still check in on a regular basis... so you never know what they're
    going to find.

    In each half-hour episode, we follow the insane lives of these rivaling
    brothers. Phil, as he struggles to stay on top of his sport while balancing
    other interests and investments (girls, sponsors, co-owning his own bar) all
    while dealing with his pesky little brother's shenanigans at home. As for
    Bob, he continues to establish himself in the wakeboarding community
    while trying to find love, be the life of the party, and cause "Ginger

    This season of WakeBrothers will explore the fierce sibling rivalry between
    Phil and Bob Soven. They are roommates, competitors and rivals. But
    that's about all they have in common...

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