1. Phil is 23 years old and the number one pro wakeboarder in the world. He is living the dream with his gorgeous house on a private lake, endorsement deals and business ventures. Phil has reached celebrity status in his sport, and the ladies love him....   Read More

  2. Bob is 20 years old and "number one in the hearts of the fans". He is quirky, spontaneous and never at a loss when it comes to big ideas and getting under his older brother's skin. Bob is Phil's polar opposite in every way. He is all about having...   Read More

  3. Rusty Malinoski, 28- Nicknamed the "Bone-Crusher", Rusty has been one of Phil's biggest rivals for years; although the two have now become cordial at least off the water. Ironically, Rusty is also one of Bob's closest friends and "shenanigans"...   Read More

  4. Harley is one of Phil and Bob's biggest rivals. This Australian born athlete has a lot of game on and off the water, and it often infuriates Phil.

  5. Oli, is Phil and Bob's Canadian friend. He's slightly taller than legal little person status, and hears plenty of jokes from the guys about his diminutive stature. Oli is friends with both Phil and Bob and is often caught in the middle of their...   Read More

  6. Alexa is a female wakeboarder and becomes Bob's girlfriend around mid season. She enjoys chopping down trees, eating ice cream, and other extreme acts of silliness. Alexa is not a big PDA fan, however.

  7. Aaron is definitely one of Phil's "frenemies". He's a
    serious s!@$ talker with no fear. Still, Phil considers him one of his closer friends on the tour.

  8. Dallas is the most successful female in wakeboarder history. An Orlando resident, Dallas, Phil and Bob see each other on and off the water.

  9. Phil and Bob's younger brother Jason is taking up the family business. This marks his first year on the junior pro tour, and Phil and Bob are anxious to impart him with their knowledge of both wakeboarding and women.

  10. Phil and Bob's dad is extremely colorful. He's an outgoing physician, a manager type to his kids, and a very knowledgeable wakeboarding expert. He's traveled the globe going to competitions with Phil since Phil was 11. He's also closer with Phil...   Read More

  11. Michelle is a full time Mom, and a part time referee with her bickering sons Phil and Bob. She's a worrisome, overprotective Mom who's scared for her sons' safety every time they get on the water. She still grabs groceries for them and often has to...   Read More