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  1. Ed spent more than a year behind bars after he was caught selling weed in school. Can Ed turn his life around through football?

  2. Naeem is a talented athlete, but he's also a troublemaker. Will his big mouth get him in hot water with his gruff new coach?

  3. Cody has a disastrous home life that's left him raising himself and making some big mistakes along the way. Can Cody get on the right path without any parental help?

  4. Amanda and Cody were in love until Cody broke her heart, leaving her unable to trust boys. But now Cody's trying to change. Can Amanda learn to trust again?

  5. Naeem's in love with Danielle, but for the first time in her life, Danielle has strong feelings for another girl. Who will Danielle choose?

  6. Yanni is dating Danielle, despite disapproval from Yanni's mom and competition from Naeem. Can Yanni overcome them and have the relationship she wants?

  7. "Kalby" is a crusty old veteran who came out of retirement for one last challenge. But will his old-school methods work with this undisciplined bunch?

  8. Dakota lives for football, but at nearly 400 lbs he's not in shape to play. Can Dakota radically change his body so he can help his team?

  9. Ashley stays out of trouble and has plans for college. But she's in love with Ed, who's in and out of jail. Will she have to leave him behind to have the life she wants?