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    Bam has upped the ante way over the bounds of sanity and gravity for the new season of Viva La Bam. Whether Bam and Clan are overseas or in their backyard, watch out--this season is mindless and maniacal....  Read Full Summary

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  1. Bam Margera invites MTV2 down to his West Chester, PA home for a behind-the-scenes look at his first book 'Serious as Dog Dirt.'

  2. Bam Margera throws every intimate detail of his skating, globetrotting, jackass-y, uncensored life into the pages of his new book, 'Serious as Dog Dirt.'

  3. Over one year sober now and fresh off a comeback stint on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars', Steve-O is set to bare his soul and everything else in 'Steve-O: Demise and Rise', a brutally honest one-hour special about his descent into madness and the consequent intervention that saved his life.

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    See pics of Bam, April, Phil and the rest of the Viva La Bam crew creating, building, destroying and skateboarding.


  1. Bam, Brandon and Raab are sitting in the parking lot of Don Vito's favorite drinking establishment when they pull out their golf clubs and practice their golf swings, aiming balls at Don Vito's car....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Bam needs to practice for his skate demo at the Mall of America tomorrow. Unfortunately, the soaking rain outside doesn't allow him to practice his tricks. So Bam decides to build a couple of make-shift ramps and use his big screen TV as a ledge to grin...  Read Full Summary »


  3. April is enjoying a tranquil day as she floats around the pool at Castle Bam. Suddenly, Bam arrives pool side with a bucket of green dye. Bam pours the dye into the pool and begins mix the dye into the pool water....  Read Full Summary »


About Viva La Bam

  1. After MTV's hit show Jackass ended in 2002, what was a boy like pro prankster Bam Margera to do with his idle time and boundless energy? Seeing as there was no stopping him, MTV decided to give him his own show, Viva La Bam, where he spent five seasons playfully tormenting his ever-patient parents, April (aka Ape) and Phil, with his outrageous antics.

    What was Bam able to get away with? Whatever the @#!% he wanted!

    Margera and his CKY crew -- Ryan Dunn, Brandon DiCamillo, Raab Himself and Rake Yohn -- played every practical joke imaginable on Bam's family, always with hilarious results.

    Viva La Bam usually revolved around destroying Ape and Phil's home and forcing family members to compete for "prizes." From outrageous scavenger hunts to converting the family home into a skate park to loading elephants onto the front lawn, Bam and his clan always managed to up the ante and push his parents' sanity to the limits.

    Each episode of Viva La Bam revolved around a challenge, mission or theme that would be completed through a series of stunts involving Bam's friends and family. Bearing the brunt of physical abuse was Bam's uncle Don Vito, who was often duct taped to chairs, held down as motorcycles jumped over his head or forced to complete a "slobstacle course."

    Season 1 of Viva La Bam ended with Ape and Phil's house being "blown up," and the family was forced to move because the neighbors had had enough of the Margeras' antics. But moving the family to a bigger house in a quieter neighborhood during season 2 only encouraged Bam and his CKY crew to try even crazier stunts, including holding a demolition derby in the backyard.

    By season 4 of Viva La Bam, Bam and his clan had caused so much trouble in their new neighborhood that Ape and Phil dragged them across the Atlantic, where they pranked their way through Europe.

    Guests that appeared on Viva La Bam included rockers like HIM, the Bloodhound Gang, Hanoi Rocks, Gwar and Billy Idol, as well as freestyle motocross team Metal Mulisha and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

    Although Viva La Bam ended in 2005, Bam continued his wild ways on Bam's Unholy Union. This time around, though, Bam played his over-the-top tricks on his fiancée, Missy, while she struggled to plan their wedding.

    During Viva La Bam's five seasons, Bam proudly put Ape, Phil and Don Vito through more hell than anyone could have ever imagined -- probably even Bam himself. Thankfully, you can see every crazy stunt he ever pulled on Viva La Bam right here on MTV.com.