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  1. BamBam

    Brian Appio

    What can we say about Bam that hasn't been screamed by emergency medical personnel before? Bam is a joker, a loveable scamp, and one of the craziest #$%^&*! we've ever seen. Why his family puts up with him we'll never know--we're just so happy that...   Read More

  2. AprilApril

    Brian Appio

    Don't you wish you had a mom like April? You could bring elephants into the house, convert the living room into a skate park, lock her in a closet, and she'd still love you.

    Best Prank April Ever Pulled: Leaving her own son stranded on an...   Read More

  3. PhilPhil

    Brian Appio

    Still a kid at heart, Phil is always one to laugh off Bam's humor. Phil, of course, gained world-renowned status in last year's fat-boy face off, giving his brother Don Vito the trouncing he so richly deserved.

    Best Prank Bam Ever Pulled...   Read More

  4. Don VitoDon Vito

    Brian Appio

    Poor Don Vito. He's the never-ending butt of Bam's never-ending jokes. He's had his home broken into, been tricked into eating too many items to mention and has lost several automobiles at the hand of his favorite nephew.

    Best Prank Bam...   Read More

  5. RaabRaab

    Brian Appio

    Three words: mail-order bride. Raab's been through a lot during this past year. But now that he's settling down with this new Russian mail-order bride, will he still have time to hang out with the fellas? You bet your ass he will.

  6. BrandonBrandon

    Brian Appio

    So many actors have signature moments. Harrison Ford will always be remembered running from that giant ball in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fred Astaire is always dancing. And for us, Brandon DiCamillo will forever be bowling a strike with cheez...   Read More

  7. RakeRake

    Brian Appio

    He's always there to support his good friend Bam. Rake is not Don Vito's biggest fan and is always a sucker when bees and soft shell crabs are around.

    Best Prank Bam Ever Pulled on Rake: Beehive piñata

  8. RyanRyan

    Brian Appio

    Part skater punk, part Casanova, Ryan is not one to shy away from the ladies. Whether he's getting phone numbers in a scavenger hunt, or coming to the aid of Don Vito's abused dates, Ryan is always smooth. Well Mr. Dunn, We've got our eye on you.