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We're Nominated for 6 Streamy's!

Valemont's been nominated for 6 Streamy Awards including Best Drama Web Series and Best Actor, Eric Balfour! Check out our other noms and watch the ceremony live online on April 11th!

The Story Continues

Welcome to the shocking conclusion of Valemont and watch as Sophie's adventures continue down a path of mystery and surprise.

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See what may be in store for Sophie, Poppy and the rest on Valemont with two alternate endings.

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Watch video clips from Eric Gracen's cell phone and learn more about his final days at Valemont.

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  1. Welcome to the shocking conclusion of Valemont and watch as Sophie's adventures continue down a path of mystery and surprise...

  2. We know something's frighteningly wrong at Valemont University, but at least the student body's musical taste is spot-on. Get your Ivy League groove on with this inspired-by playlist and for a real scare check out Saw VI, in theaters October 23.

  3. Professor Nicholas Blunt teaches Renaissance Literature and has coached the Valemont Speech and Parliamentary Debate Society to four national championships. Head on over to RateMyProfessors.com to leave feedback and see what his students have to say about him.

Songs from the show

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    1. Fight Like Apes  ‘Lumpy Dough'

    1. The Swear  ‘Deadfall'

    1. Mono in VCF  ‘Masha'

    1. The Bright  ‘Cut Me Loose'


About Valemont

  1. Valemont University is like any other exclusive east coast college. Rich students. Excellent faculty. Impressive alumni.

    Except Valemont has a secret. A dangerous one.

    Our eyes into this mysterious world of privilege and power belong to Sophie Fields. Informed by the police that they've discovered a body they believe to be her brother, Eric Gracen, Sophie soon realizes there's more to the story.

    Sophie steals a cell phone that was found with her brother's personal effects. It reveals that he was a student at Valemont. She assumes another student's identity and enrolls in the college herself, intent on discovering exactly what happened to the brother she hadn't seen for years - and who murdered him.

    Through a series of text and video messages on Eric's phone, Sophie pieces together the mystery that was her brother's life at Valemont...and discovers that his fate may soon be her own.