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  49. Before he goes under the knife, Brett gives Shay a little sex test just to make sure...  Read Full Summary »


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  52. In the first episode of Undressed's sixth season: Annette is getting noticed by boys since her breasts have developed, Shay is uncomfortable with Brett's "hood," and Greg doesn't have enough money to impress his expensive girlfriend, Sandy....  Read Full Summary »


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  73. Clark and Betsy make Zack jealous and Hayden mad. After Marty's date with Penny, Marty...  Read Full Summary »


  74. Zack denies his feelings for Betsy and Clark says he'll help Betsy get Zack back. Bruno...  Read Full Summary »


  75. Zack and Clark fight over Hayden. Ripberger ruins Nick and Bruno's double date with a...  Read Full Summary »


  76. Angela wants to take it slow with Jared. Bruno is freaked that he's handcuffed to Nick,...  Read Full Summary »


  77. Jack dumps Dawn and Angela worries about sleeping with Jared. Bruno quits pledging, but...  Read Full Summary »


  78. Dawn tells Angela she might lose Jared if she doesn't sleep with him. Bruno can't...  Read Full Summary »


  79. Spike and Rachel admit how much they like each other. Lucas and Shelby decide how to...  Read Full Summary »


  80. Rachel parties in the hearse, but Spike winds up having to take care of her. Lucas gets...  Read Full Summary »


  81. Rachel runs away and winds up in Spike's hearse. Karri's bisexual, and Lucas and Shelby...  Read Full Summary »


  82. Peggy and Red find out that Adam and Sally had sex. Lucas starts dating Karri, then...  Read Full Summary »


  83. Sally is afraid that her friendship with Adam won't survive their new relationship....  Read Full Summary »


  84. Adam is bummed when Sally gets an e-mail from Russell about their double date. Chuck...  Read Full Summary »


  85. After talking to Red, Adam wants to tell Sally how he feels about her. Chuck starts...  Read Full Summary »


  86. After spying on Red and Peggy, Sally and Adam decide to help each other "practice" for...  Read Full Summary »


  87. Winona and Josh decide to help Christina and Stanley get back together, with the help of...  Read Full Summary »


  88. Stanley finally tells Christina how he feels about her, but she's afraid of getting hurt...  Read Full Summary »


  89. Robbie turns on the intercom so Christina can hear what Stanley says about her. Cassie...  Read Full Summary »


  90. Stanley confesses his true feelings for Christina while they're locked in the dressing...  Read Full Summary »


  91. Robbie talks to Stanley about Christina. When Chuck interferes, he winds up ending Joel...  Read Full Summary »


  92. The girls confront Spike, but Delaney still wants out of the "Three Muskateers." Joel...  Read Full Summary »


  93. Eliza tries to prove that Spike's a jerk, but her efforts backfire. Mina finds out that...  Read Full Summary »


  94. When Eliza and Caroline find out Delaney has been hanging out with Spike, Eliza decides...  Read Full Summary »


  95. Sissy confesses to Neil that she isn't gay. Robert talks Travis into seducing Mina so...  Read Full Summary »


  96. Neil tells Belinda that he's interested in a girl, but there's one problem: She's gay....  Read Full Summary »


  97. Angela and Jared hook up while they're working on a school project. Ripberger shows up...  Read Full Summary »


  98. Sissy is afraid to deny the rumor that she's gay, because then she might not get to hang...  Read Full Summary »


  99. When Angela and Harry break up, Angela and Dawn make a pact to tell guys the truth....  Read Full Summary »


  100. Belinda spreads a rumor about Sissy that affects her potential relationship with Neil....  Read Full Summary »


  101. Angela blows Dawn off so she can have sex with Harry. George tries to get Claire to quit...  Read Full Summary »


  102. Sabrina and Kaitlyn fight, but then decide that their real problem is Spike. Elena meets...  Read Full Summary »


  103. Angela gets together with Harry, but accidentally gives him a bloody nose. After the...  Read Full Summary »


  104. When Kaitlyn finds out that Spike might have herpes, she doesn't want anyone to know...  Read Full Summary »


  105. When Angela finds Harry's notebook, Dawn invites him over to pick it up. Claire decides...  Read Full Summary »


  106. Sabrina tells Spike that he might have herpes, and she wants to know who gave it to him....  Read Full Summary »


  107. After receiving her HIV test results, Tiki tells Bart they should be together. Sandra...  Read Full Summary »


  108. Kaitlyn confronts Spike about problems with the band, but anger quickly turns into sex....  Read Full Summary »


  109. Eve has to choose between Eddy and Darren, leaving Amy alone and "fat." Keith asks Mark...  Read Full Summary »


  110. When Darren and Eve get together, Amy plots to break them up. Emory gets Holly to...  Read Full Summary »


  111. Darren warns Eve about Amy, then Eve discovers the real reason Amy wants to be her...  Read Full Summary »


  112. When Darren breaks up with Amy, she decides Eve has something she wants. Trevor tells...  Read Full Summary »


  113. Natasha gets back at Paul and Blake with the help of a video camera. Trudy convinces...  Read Full Summary »


  114. Just when Paul and Natasha start being honest with each other, Blake's "tag-team"...  Read Full Summary »


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  117. Tiki gets worried when she finds out you can get HIV from oral sex. After fighting with...  Read Full Summary »


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  119. Tiki convinces Chuck that he's not cheating on his girlfriend if they only have oral...  Read Full Summary »


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  121. Tiki bets Bart she can hook up with Chuck. When Lola introduces Sandra to the...  Read Full Summary »


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  123. When Collier admits he acted like a jerk, he and Pam get together. Matt reveals to Glenn...  Read Full Summary »


  124. Maggie's best friend Caroline returns from vacation and must adjust to Maggie's new...  Read Full Summary »


  125. Collier loses his mojo when the potato chips are recalled. Tina doesn't want to see Matt...  Read Full Summary »


  126. Damon proves that Maggie can be sexy without fake breasts, then Lisa and Damon lock...  Read Full Summary »


  127. Brett encourages Collier's new stardom by offering to be his personal handler to keep...  Read Full Summary »


  128. Lisa helps Maggie "shrink" her breast size, totally confusing Ray. When Bobbi's...  Read Full Summary »


  129. When Collier's commercial airs, he hooks up with Hayden. Tina and Matt have sex, but...  Read Full Summary »


  130. Lisa gives Maggie fake breasts to pad her bra, but Maggie's life gets complicated when...  Read Full Summary »


  131. Pam comes over and Brett tries to show Collier how to score, but Collier has a thing for...  Read Full Summary »


  132. After Damon explains why breasts fascinate guys, Lisa decides to help Maggie "develop."...  Read Full Summary »


  133. After Sid reveals that he told the PTA about Hal's play, Hal tells Gale and Mitch that...  Read Full Summary »

  134. Gale and Mitch discuss changes in Hal's play; Hal and Sid fight over changing the play,...  Read Full Summary »

  135. Hal struggles with rewriting his play to protect Sid, while Mitch tries to deal with...  Read Full Summary »

  136. Sid and Hal get together, but Sid freaks out when he discovers that the play Hal wrote...  Read Full Summary »

  137. Gale gets mad when Mitch eavesdrops while she breaks up with Skeet, but they talk it out...  Read Full Summary »

  138. Skeet gives Gale his class ring, but Gale feels suffocated and winds up breaking up with...  Read Full Summary »

  139. Skeet gives his girlfriend Gale a pager, but Skeet's constant paging causes Gale and...  Read Full Summary »

  140. Kimmy reveals that she's not pregnant, then she and Michael reconcile--as friends. Dean...  Read Full Summary »

  141. Kimmy takes the pregnancy test but can't understand the results. Meanwhile, the boys...  Read Full Summary »

  142. Michael tells Lucas and Sara that Kimmy's pregnant, but then Kimmy reveals she's not...  Read Full Summary »

  143. Kimmy tells Gale that she's late, then they watch a homework assignment with the boys, a...  Read Full Summary »

  144. Gabe gives both Charlie and Abby advice after Abby gets upset when she thinks Charlie is...  Read Full Summary »

  145. Gabe finds out that his sister Abby and his best friend Charlie have hooked up;...  Read Full Summary »

  146. Charlie and Abby save the shark and get together, but Molly and Lucas break up. Maureen...  Read Full Summary »

  147. Tomboy Abby decides to take some "girl" lessons from Molly, then Abby makes a move on...  Read Full Summary »

  148. Stephanie and Cindy switch slaves so Cindy can be with Billy, but Billy and Stephanie...  Read Full Summary »

  149. Stephanie asks Billy questions and they wind up kissing, while Cindy uses whipped cream...  Read Full Summary »

  150. Cindy has a crush on popular Billy, so she buys him in the high school "slave auction,"...  Read Full Summary »

  151. Michael breaks up with Kimmy, and then he and Sara have another study session. Jake and...  Read Full Summary »

  152. Sara strips for every correct study question Michael answers, leading to their first...  Read Full Summary »

  153. Sara agrees to strip for each answer Michael gets right; Kimmy promises Kurt a date with...  Read Full Summary »

  154. Jim arranges to have Sara, class bookworm, tutor Michael while he's in traction,...  Read Full Summary »

  155. Paula asks Jim if he can do the boyfriend thing, then Paula says goodbye to all the...  Read Full Summary »

  156. Jim tutors Paula in kissing, then Jim and Kurt bust Michael while he's in the bathroom...  Read Full Summary »

  157. Jim asks Michael for help in keeping Kurt away from Paula, only to find out Michael is...  Read Full Summary »

  158. Paula arrives, sparking competition between brothers Michael, Kurt and Jim; Jim asks for...  Read Full Summary »

  159. Jane and Richard try to have sex, then decide to stay friends instead. Susie, Elvis and...  Read Full Summary »

  160. Jane and Kurt and Audrey and Richard have a double date where they play with "dirty...  Read Full Summary »

  161. Jane and Richard plot to use Kurt and Audrey as their "beards" so they can keep dating;...  Read Full Summary »

  162. Jane and Richard, who used to date, must re-evaluate their relationship as new...  Read Full Summary »

  163. Merrith explains that sleeping with Rick (a couple of storylines back) has made it...  Read Full Summary »

  164. Josh brings home English nanny Amelia to get advice about his situation and Merrith, but...  Read Full Summary »

  165. Tess tries to help Merrith not think about sex, then Merrith and Josh talk about what...  Read Full Summary »

  166. Merrith decides that she and Josh are having too much sex, so they agree to sex rules...  Read Full Summary »

  167. Quentin mistakenly thinks that Rex is trying to break up him and Daniel, but when Daniel...  Read Full Summary »

  168. Rex invites Sammy over, making Quentin jealous and Daniel realize that Quentin and Rex...  Read Full Summary »

  169. When Daniel asks Quentin to move in with him, Quentin and his roommate Rex contemplate...  Read Full Summary »

  170. Wendy, who doesn't usually drink, has too much tequila and shows up at Miles' apartment...  Read Full Summary »

  171. Kim learns that Miles and Wendy never had sex and Miles admits he still has feelings for...  Read Full Summary »

  172. Kim is upset when Miles' get together with a high school buddy turns out to be his...  Read Full Summary »

  173. When Amelia suggests a four-way with Ethan's roommates George and Josie, Ethan tries to...  Read Full Summary »

  174. Amelia reveals she's never had an orgasm with someone else present, so Josie and Ethan...  Read Full Summary »

  175. After two years of cyber sex, shy Amelia arrives from England to meet Ethan for the...  Read Full Summary »

  176. When Cory discovers that Russell paid Bryce to fail the love test, she tells both of...  Read Full Summary »

  177. Russell, a multi-millionaire, surprises ex-girlfriend Cory by showing up at the Love...  Read Full Summary »

  178. Cory admits to Bryce that she went on the Love Nest (a game show) to make her...  Read Full Summary »

  179. After the couples swap partners, Merrith and Rick keep their sleeping together a secret...  Read Full Summary »

  180. When Merrith and Devon arrive for dinner at Josh and Rick's, Devon suggests they switch...  Read Full Summary »

  181. Rick and Devon go on a date and return to the apartment, only to run into Josh and...  Read Full Summary »

  182. When Rick confesses that he is not really Josh's butler, Devon leaves with Rick...  Read Full Summary »

  183. Josh convinces Rick to pretend to be his butler for his date with Devon, but when they...  Read Full Summary »

  184. When Siska admits she cheated on Peter, Jane must admit to Chuck that she was sleeping...  Read Full Summary »

  185. Jane confronts Siska with her suspicion that she is the source of the gonorrhea, in the...  Read Full Summary »

  186. Chuck suspects he has gonorrhea and confronts his girlfriend Jane who then confronts her...  Read Full Summary »

  187. Hope, still feeling guilty for stealing Tess' blind date, sends Alex away after Tess...  Read Full Summary »

  188. When Tess accuses Hope of stealing her blind date, they toss a coin to see who should go...  Read Full Summary »

  189. Tess' blind date, Alex, mistakenly shows up at Hope's apartment and Hope invites him to...  Read Full Summary »

  190. Miles reveals that he was hiding the key to the handcuffs to spend more time with Kim,...  Read Full Summary »

  191. Miles, still handcuffed to Kim, tries to convince her that they are meant for each...  Read Full Summary »

  192. After meeting in a bar over too much tequila, Kim and Miles wake up handcuffed to Kim's...  Read Full Summary »

  193. The immigration agent arrives to check on Samantha and Jonathan's green card marriage...  Read Full Summary »

  194. Preparing for an immigration check, Samantha spends the night with her "husband"...  Read Full Summary »

  195. To help convince an immigration agent that Sam and Jonathan's marriage is real, their...  Read Full Summary »

  196. Joan hates that her lover Samantha entered into a green card marriage with her gay...  Read Full Summary »

  197. Ned and Joel scheme to make their respective lovers, brothers Brick and Andy, come out...  Read Full Summary »

  198. Yumi helps Liz break away from Stacey and the Fearsome Foursome by admitting that she...  Read Full Summary »

  199. Liz is forced to choose between Z, the guy she likes, and her high school clique, the...  Read Full Summary »

  200. Stacey wants Liz's older brother Jack, but when Jack returns from Japan, he's brought a...  Read Full Summary »

  201. Liz has to take out the unpopular sophomore "Z" as punishment handed to her by her cruel...  Read Full Summary »

  202. After losing his virginity to the wrong girl, Dean is given another chance with Claire...  Read Full Summary »

  203. Rory takes Jana to an isolated park in his van, and discovers the complex engineering...  Read Full Summary »

  204. Rory waits outside Jana's house, hoping to patch up the rift with her, but Jana's little...  Read Full Summary »

  205. Doc and Rory prowl the seedy underworld of suburbia in Rory's van, but tension still...  Read Full Summary »

  206. Stacey and Debbie trap their intended date for the dance, Jonas, in a revealing game of...  Read Full Summary »

  207. The Fearsome Foursome find more nasty revelations about themselves in the diary stolen...  Read Full Summary »

  208. To win a competition to bring down popular rival Jeanine, Liz steals her diary, which...  Read Full Summary »

  209. A "Fearsome Foursome" of high school girls with wicked gossip and backstabbing on their...  Read Full Summary »

  210. An enigmatic message on Sally's answering machine makes her think her beau Stan wants to...  Read Full Summary »

  211. Jenny suddenly returns to Ross' pad after a last minute decision not to move back to...  Read Full Summary »

  212. Ross rises up to Jenny's challenge to act like her boyfriend--and then she decides to...  Read Full Summary »

  213. Jenny challenges Ross to start acting like the boyfriend she secretly wants him to be....  Read Full Summary »

  214. Kyle finally gets Tina right where he wants her, but does he know what to do with her?...  Read Full Summary »

  215. Blind Cassanova Ross brings Jenny home for a one-night stand, but she has to stay a...  Read Full Summary »

  216. Todd and Annette get caught with their pants down and reevaluate their motives. Doc and...  Read Full Summary »

  217. Ross comes home early from his vacation to find Annette and Todd practicing their...  Read Full Summary »

  218. Annette and Todd set about getting back at their cheating partners, but first they have...  Read Full Summary »

  219. Annette and Todd scheme to get revenge on their respective, cheating significant others...  Read Full Summary »

  220. Doc's lies threaten to tear apart Rory and Jana's new relationship. Gina and Kiki...  Read Full Summary »

  221. Rory worries that Jana wants to go back to her ex and his best friend, Doc. Kiki fears...  Read Full Summary »

  222. Rory hooks up with Jana, his best friend's girl, when he drives her home in his van....  Read Full Summary »