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about Undressed

From 1999-2002, MTV got down and dirty with the sexy, late night soap opera Undressed, which gave viewers a peek behind closed doors at the intricacies of modern relationships. Each episode featured three different fictional stories and followed various characters to see what happened during their most intimate moments. No subject was too taboo. Undressed examined every type of sexual relationship imaginable, including those involving different races, sexual orientations and fetishes. The unique format of Undressed allowed each storyline to unravel at its own pace. Some plots wrapped up in just one episode, while others unfolded over the course of a season, thus creating a kaleidoscopic montage of intersecting characters and plots. All the stories had one very important thing in common, though: someone would inevitably get undressed. A typical episode of Undressed might have included stories about a teenage boyfriend and girlfriend who were ready to "do it" for the first time; a straight guy who forged an unexpected bond with his gay college roommate; or three friends who inadvertently fool around during a late-night cram session. Whatever the plot, Undressed provided the action as it always tackled scenarios that were too hot for most other TV shows. Created by acclaimed director Roland Joffé, whose movie resume includes The Killing Fields and The Scarlet Letter, Undressed helped launch the careers of many of today's hottest stars. Before Adam Brody landed the role as the geeky-but-loveable Seth Cohen on The O.C., he bared it all -- well, almost all -- as Lucas during season three of Undressed. In his very first acting gig, One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray strutted his stuff in an episode called "Surprize, Surprize: Part 3." Marc Blucas -- aka Riley Finn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer --- also stripped down one season, as did Superman Returns hottie Brandon Routh. Other superstar studs that dropped their drawers on Undressed were Jay Hernandez and Jason Ritter. And let's not forget that babes like The O.C.'s Autumn Reeser, Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff and Xena: Warrior Princess' Adrienne Wilkinson showed some skin on the show. There were even some Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers who gave us a glimpse of what they were really made of: Jason David Frank, Alyson Kiperman and Cerina Vincent. Although the revolving bedroom door of Undressed was shut for good in 2002, you can still watch your favorites get Undressed at any hour on MTV.com.