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    Zach Cordner

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    They live "the life" twentyfourseven. They work together and they play together, but in the face of success will they stay together?...  Read Full Summary

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  1. While The Prom Kings are on the verge of major label success, Chris and Whitman are busy with their own personal problems.

  2. This week the guys tell us what they really think about Shayne, we learn more about Whitman, plus we go inside the L.A. dating scene.

  3. Want to re-live the drama? Catch all of the highlights from the latest episode of twentyfourseven right here.

  4. From an aspiring entrepeneur, rock star, actor, filmmaker, club promoter, record producer, and musician -- do these friends have what it takes to make it?

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  6. Want to know what kind of music the guys are into? Check out their all-time favorite ten music videos here.

  7. Find out about the band that Chris Carney fronts right here.


  1. Things are looking up for The Prom Kings when Geffen Records expresses interest in the...  Read Full Summary »


  2. It's time for The Prom Kings to get serious, especially since Greg has lined up the head...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Responding to the disturbing call from Chris in an Arkansas jail, Greg immediately flies...  Read Full Summary »


About twentyfourseven

  1. An entrepreneur, a rock star, an actor, a director, record producer, a player, and a...Buddhist.? Uh,yeah it's LA.

    Meet Greg Carney -- a 23-year-old southern boy transplanted from Arkansas. He's a responsible up-and-coming entrepreneur and leader of a raucous 7-pack of guys making all the right moves on the Hollywood scene. They've all come from different parts of the country and from very different backgrounds. There's Matt Baker, the Val Kilmer look-a-like making his mark as an actor; Greg Whitman, the budding young record producer; Ty Hodges, the valley boy filmmaker; Greg Cipes, the Venice beach hippie and new age reggae singer; and finally, the Mexican Hugh Hefner club promoter, Frankie Del Gado, who came here just one year ago virtually penniless. Together these guys, along with Greg and his loose cannon rock star brother, Chris, are touted as Hollywood's hottest new crew. They count A-list celebrities as their friends, they throw the biggest, most lavish parties and they hook up with the hottest girls. We'll roll with them on their rise to the top of LA's elite. We'll see how they deal with power, fame and endless temptations...
    Most of all, we'll witness their friendships tested through thick and thin.

    They live THE LIFE twentyfourseven. They work together and they play together, but in the face of success will they stay together?