1. Zach Cordner

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  1. ChrisChris

    Zach Cordner

    The lead singer of The Prom Kings is at least for now a lot more interested in hot women and hard living than he is in making it big. Lucky for him, his little brother's got his back. With a little help from Greg, the band has been featured in...   Read More

  2. CipesCipes

    Zach Cordner

    The spiritual surfer known by his last name floats through his days on good vibes. His cartoony voice, free-loving nature and laidback sense of humor have given him a lucrative career in voiceovers and acting. He's also a hit among the Venice Beach...   Read More

  3. FrankieFrankie

    Zach Cordner

    In less than two years in town, Tijuana native Frankie Delgado has taken the Hollywood party circuit by storm. Now a big name club promoter, Frankie has joined forces with Greg Carney to take his parties to the next level. In return, Frankie lets...   Read More

  4. GregGreg

    Zach Cordner

    This ambitious business prodigy has already taken major steps toward conquering Hollywood. In addition to producing a feature film and developing Freedom Energy Drinks, he started KG2, a production company that he's using to promote big brother...   Read More

  5. MattMatt

    Zach Cordner

    Since giving up all of his vices (sex included), this actor is starting to rake in the roles. Already in "American Pie 4," and with the goal of landing more serious roles, the budding star is hungry to make his mark. With childhood friends the...   Read More

  6. This writer, director and star of independent film "Miles From Home" is doing his damnedest to break into Hollywood. He's given up his car, moved in with his parents and memorized a whole slew of bus schedules. He's chasing his dreams via public...   Read More

  7. Greg Carney's best friend, roommate and business partner is a talented multi-instrumentalist, a self-taught sound engineer and a passionate music fan. When he's not helping Greg keep The Prom Kings on track, Whitman produces music for Cipes. His...   Read More