1. Nikki, 23, is in image-based Miami, soaking up the sun and choking on the pressure to be gorgeous and beautiful twenty-four hours a day. She doesn't feel she fits into the jet-set styled-set because she's "a girl with no boobs who wears trucker......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. On this episode of True Life, we follow Alex, Nikki, and AJ as they try to fit in with their friends and co-workers.


About Episode

  1. Nikki, 23, is in image-based Miami, soaking up the sun and choking on the pressure to be gorgeous and beautiful twenty-four hours a day. She doesn't feel she fits into the jet-set styled-set because she's "a girl with no boobs who wears trucker hats." Unfortunately for self-conscious Nikki, she works at boob-obsessed Hooters surrounded by girls with huge chests (thanks to silicone and saline). Her insecurities over her appearance may not be all in her head -- her fellow waitresses (who happen to be well-endowed) are making a lot more money in tips than her. But the world doesn't completely revolve around life at Hooters; Nikki is in a committed relationship with Eddy, a guy who loves her for just how she is. They're hoping to move in with one another but financially, Nikki is torn between bigger breasts and a starting a live-in life with Eddy.

    Alex, 24, is stationed in sunny California with dreams of finding fame and fortune. While he's on that search in Los Angeles, the daytime finds Alex in school studying to be a sound engineer in recording studios. When night rolls around, this passionate musician is fighting to be a rockstar, and along with the rehearsals and gigs comes drugs and alcohol. Life in the band had taken over Alex's life outside the music scene and alcohol and drugs became a daily requirement. Since realizing he was addicted to abusing, Alex sought treatment and stability by quitting the band; he is getting his life back on track with school and finding love with Kelsey, but music is still calls to him. Alex wants to get the band back together but Kelsey's worried it could just lead to relapse. One night back with the boys, Alex is peer pressured into drinking a beer -- he calls it a night after one, but he's terrified hooking back up with the band could lead to more than just a can of beer.

    AJ, 18, is caught in a circle of jocks. As the overweight, artistic type surrounded by muscley-athletic minded guys, AJ finds himself on the receiving end of some hurtful remarks -- based entirely on his size. While the guys love to be around the ladies, AJ has found it a tough time making moves on the girls. He's the go-to friend, the lovable but not sexy guy. His friends are getting more and more frustrated by his third-wheel status.

    Nikki decides to make a date with a doctor -- her bestie comes along with for moral support, and ends up talking the unsure Nikki into going a size bigger than she had intended. The doctor's happy, Nikki's enchanted with her new voluptuous appearance but her boyfriend is scared of the cost and the future of their relationship.

    AJ strives to forget the embarrassing experience of being dissed by a cute girl, but his friend uses it as a reason why AJ needs to get his physical appearance in order. Are AJ's looks really keeping him and his friends from being a hit with the women in their circle, or is the pressure on AJ just an excuse to bully him? AJ's sick of the teasing, but is that really enough to change his eating habits and get healthy? He decides to try and make a go of a diet and lose weight.

    Alex and his band have reunited and while it may feel good for some, Alex's partying habits are reigniting. Going out, drugging and drinking leads only to wanting more and Alex's priorities to his girlfriend and school are losing in the running to the band and his addiction. One night out, Kelsey surprises him and is shocked by her boyfriend's behavior -- she leaves and her disappointment in his willingness to relapse wrecks their relationship.

    Meanwhile, AJ heads to the gym and with his buddy as his personal trainer, AJ is hit with free weights and harassment. They're not off to the best start, but at least AJ is making changes to his behavior.

    In Miami, Nikki and Eddie house-hunt and while he realizes that house payments will be really hard to reach with her medical bills to pay, Nikki is still focused on getting breast implants.

    AJ has been working out hard on his physique and within six weeks he's dropped 22 pounds. Nate is proud of his friend's work and he apologizes, in a backhanded way, for all the comments he had made. Feeling fine after his weigh-in, AJ heads over to meet with his friend Valerie and asks her out; she accepts and he leaves feeling finer than fine.

    Back in LA, Alex is at a low point. His girl's gone and he's drugging and drinking; mom knows there's something up with Alex and confronts him on his decisions and her fears over losing him to a downward spiral. If he wants a happy ending in his life and career, he needs to get himself on the right track before it's too late. This talk spurs Alex to meet with Everett, a drug and alcohol counselor. He reminds Alex that it's up to him to keep his sobriety and to keep triggers at bay by setting some rules for his bandmates. Hopefully, Alex can keep a healthy mindset and learn to shake off the desire to drink and drug.

    Miami is sunny and warm, but rather than the beach, Nikki is headed into surgery. Eddie is still against the idea but he sits with her in the doctor's office and supports her decision to go big but not go extreme. Nikki finally realizes that it's ultimately her body and her choice, and even though her friends played a part in the process, that's all they were: a part, not the majority.

    AJ and Valerie are headed out on their date, and a nervous AJ is terrified at being pushed away by her. However, by the end of the evening they're having a fantastic time. While his friends pressured him to lose weight, AJ is so happy at the changes in himself that he wouldn't have done it any other way.

    A month since her surgery, Nikki is overjoyed at her newfound confidence; who knew a boob job could bring so much happiness? The implants have done their job on her wallet too -- Nikki's pulling in extra hundreds since succumbing to the saline.

    In LA, rocker Alex tries to talk seriously to his friends about his drug and alcohol addiction - he asks them to join him in not drinking all night, they quickly shake off that wager and toss off his work at sobriety. They think the night will lead him to alcohol and drug use, but he's resilient. Or not. A little drink leads to wanting more and more. Once again, his friends have gotten the best of him and Alex realizes this problem is bigger than him. If they're unwilling to accept his desire to live life without reliance on drugs and alcohol, there's really only one option: to leave the band.