• Carlie CraigCast Member
    Carlie Craig

    Carlie Craig is a comedic actress from South Florida who is always down to make the impossible happen. After graduating college with Theatre and Media Production degrees, she crammed her life in a car and moved to Los Angeles. Carlie became a part of Team Toddy after auditioning for Todrick’s hit web series, “Pop Star High.” Following her audition, her persistence led Todrick to make her his video assistant. Carlie’s responsibilities on Team Todrick include everything but sleeping and she’s always up for the task. And between her stints behind the scenes, Todrick has come to value her comedic talents on camera for his videos and in front of an audience on their tours.

  • Chester LockhartCast Member
    Chester Lockhart

    Chester Lockhart is Todrick’s housemate and right hand man for all of his productions – ever-ready to pitch in on the latest Todrick brainstorm. A strong singer/dancer/actor, Chester is always prepared with a wise crack or a high fan kick, no matter how dire the circumstance. Chester was born and raised in Southern California and attributes his skills to performing Whitney Houston songs in the kitchen starting at age two. Best known for his work in Todrick’s viral videos, Chester has also appeared on television (Nickelodeon’s Victorious and Kids Choice Awards), film, and on stage across the country.

  • Jenni ThomassonCast Member
    Jenni Thomasson

    A native of Houston, Texas, Jenni began dancing at age three when she would perform for friends and family in her own backyard productions. After graduating high school, Jenni started her dance career by traveling the world as a featured dancer on Celebrity Cruises. She then danced at Walt Disney World in various Equity productions and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She also had the opportunity to dance for the Jonas Brothers and Jennifer Hudson. Her dreams reached new heights when she became a Radio City Rockette, a life changing experience especially since it was where she met and first performed alongside Todrick! After dancing in the film, ‘Rock Of Ages,’ Jenni knew she had to follow her dreams all the way to Tinseltown. She moved to Los Angeles, where she was reunited with Todrick and began appearing in his epic viral videos.

  • Kaley HatfieldCast Member
    Kaley Hatfield

    Kaley Hatfield is a 21 year old from Ofallon, Missouri. She started dancing at six years old and immediately fell in love. She grew up dancing at her studio and forTremaine dance conventions. She moved to LA in 2013 to follow her dreams, with her dad and brother as her biggest supporters. Her hard work has paid off so far, with dancing gigs on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, Lip Sync Battle, Silicone Valley, and now as a dance captain for Todrick Hall’s theatrical tour. In addition to working with Todrick, she’s danced for artists Flo Rida, Big Sean, and Paula Abdul. She recently filmed a role acting in new movie, “Wild For The Night.”

  • Nicole FaulknerCast Member
    Nicole Faulkner

    Born and raised in Southern California, Nicole “LipstickNick” Faulkner always loved art projects, whether drawing illustrations or doing all of her friends’ makeup for the prom. After high school, Nicole moved to Burbank to attend makeup school in hopes of pursuing her dream of becoming a celebrity makeup artist. Nicole started freelancing; working on student films, community fashion shows, infomercials -- anything she could get her hands on! She also began working retail for MAC Cosmetics, where she eventually met Todrick Hall in their Hollywood store. In a few short years, she’s already taught on a nationwide makeup tour, traveled with huge brands for makeup/hair tradeshows across the country, and freelanced on films, commercials, and events. Nicole has also been teaching at the Ruby Makeup Academy's North Hollywood campus for almost 2 years now.

  • Shawn AdeliCast Member
    Shawn Adeli

    Shawn Adeli grew up in small town Arizona where there was nothing to do. Ever. So he lived on the internet reading every tutorial on computer graphics and animation he could find. He left to attend Film School in Los Angeles and put his skills to good use. Now Shawn has become a one-man-band who does the shooting, editing, effects, graphics, and color correction for videos on no budget and with little prep time. He began making hit viral videos for all sorts of clients, from drag queens to upscale fashion lines. Once he met Todrick, his videos got grander and grander. Shawn is currently directing for animation studios while continuing to collaborate with Todrick.

  • ThurZday LyonsCast Member
    ThurZday Lyons

    Born in Greenwood, SC and raised in Atlanta, ThurZday survived a troubled and challenging childhood to become a thriving R&B/Pop artist and all around entertainer. ThurZday credits her mom for her resilience – which led her to Los Angeles to attend the AMDA College And Conservatory Of The Performing Arts in 2010. It was shortly after her acceptance that she met and befriended Todrick and helped him to create some of his first viral videos such as the Beyoncé “End of Time” flashmob, and “Beauty and the Beat,” both on camera and behind-the-scenes.

  • Todrick HallCast Member
    Todrick Hall

    Singer, Writer, Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Producer, Creator.Todrick Hall, also known as “Toddy Rockstar” or “Quing Toddy,” is living the new American Dream. His journey from Arlington, Texas to Broadway, to Hollywood and onto the computer screen was an incredible “hot mess” of a journey, but built a loyal empire of friends and fans, whom he refers to as his “Toddlerz.”Between assisting in the choreography of his idol, Beyoncé’s, groundbreaking “Blow” music video, writing musical YouTube parodies and masterminding Virgin America’s latest safety video, Todrick is a multifaceted artist and entertainment powerhouse. With a goal to one day be included among the entertainment industry’s elite group of EGOT winners, Todrick’s talents include everything from incredible vocal and acting abilities to cutting edge choreography. Todrick has already made a splash in entertainment, gaining recognition from USA Today and earning coveted spots on Business Insider’s “Hottest YouTube Stars Alive” and Forbes “30 under 30 Entertainment” lists.In 2014 Todrick embarked on his first headlining world tour, “Twerk du Soliel,” selling out shows in LA, NYC and London. With his brand new MTV series starting this August, he plans to captivate the world with his filmed and live performances for years to come.

  • Vonzell SolomonCast Member
    Vonzell Solomon

    Vonzell Solomon, also known as “Baby V,” is a singer, songwriter, recording artist model, actress, and now housemate of Todrick Hall. She came to public attention when she was second runner-up on American Idol, Season 4. Following that amazing performance, she created and launched her own record label and publishing company. Vonzell has recently released a highly anticipated EP, “True Story,” where she wrote and produced songs telling her life’s journey. She has toured with a variety of shows ranging from American Idol to Broadway and is a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, where she famously worked prior to her run on Idol.