1. The final three Shot at Love suitors arrive in Cancun and are floored by their champagne-filled suite overlooking the ocean. Brittany and Kristy are excited about getting to know Tila Tequila better, while Bo, the only boy left, is sure he can......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Tila and her final three suitors enjoy some fun in the sun on the beaches of Cancun.


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  1. The final three Shot at Love suitors arrive in Cancun and are floored by their champagne-filled suite overlooking the ocean. Brittany and Kristy are excited about getting to know Tila Tequila better, while Bo, the only boy left, is sure he can rise above his female competitors.

    Over lunch, Tila opens up, admitting to the final three that she's looking to be with someone for the long haul. Brittany and Kristy both use the opportunity to talk about their past relationships, giving Tila a window into their futures. Bo, however, is strangely quiet. He's comfortable sharing his feelings with Tila, just not when Brittany and Kristy are around.

    Tila wants to ride some jet skis out on the ocean. Unfortunately, Bo can't participate because of his broken jaw. Tila offers kayaking as an alternative, but Bo resigns himself to watching the girls from the beach. Tila may be looking out for Bo's best interests, but she sure doesn't seem to be thinking about him as she has a blast with Kristy and Brittany in the water. Bo sulks, but Tila chooses to ignore his grumpiness.

    While in Cancun, Tila Tequila will be taking each contestant on a private date. To determine the order, Bo, Kristy and Brittany will compete in a "Condom Blow-Up Race." They will have to jump into the pool to grab their condoms, place the condoms onto a pump and blow them up -- using only their butts to pump. And it's not all about speed. Tila will judge them on how sexy they look working the pump. The winner gets to choose when their date with Tila date takes place.

    Bo, certain that his athletic ability will give him the upper hand, takes an early lead. But Brittany and Kristy are quick to catch up, and Bo notices that Kristy is riding the pump "like a professional." Maybe he should have kept his eyes on his own work, as he all too quickly "blows his load," popping the condom. Brittany squeezes in a few sexy moves before her condom pops, and although Kristy finishes last, she knows she looked good doing it.

    When Brittany is declared the winner, she chooses to have her date with Tila in between Bo's and Kristy's. Kristy thinks Brittany made a big mistake giving her the third and final slot 'cause she'll get to leave a lasting impression.

    Bo knows how important his date is, given his silence over lunch and his grumpiness over the jet skis. During dinner, Tila expresses how much he hurt her feelings and begins to cry. Bo swears that if he could go back, he would kayak all day long to keep her from crying. That's all Tila needed to hear, and she offers to take him up to her room. After some quality time in Tila's bed, Bo is more certain than ever that he's falling in love.

    Back in their room, Brittany and Kristy are lamenting the idea of Tila ending up with doofy Bo. Then, to take their minds off those sad thoughts, the two engage in some late night skinny-dipping.

    Despite all the fun they had together, Kristy and Brittany are not thrilled when Bo returns the next morning with Tila. Naturally, Bo gloats that if their dates are "half as amazing" as his was, they're in for a great time. Rubbing it in even more, Bo and Tila giggle to each other about their lack of sleep. A disgusted Kristy and Brittany are left wondering what Tila sees in them if she's so happy after her night with Bo.

    After their awkward breakfast, everyone boards a boat that takes them out to sea. There, they find a yellow submarine. Since Tila's already seen them work a pump, she wants to see them "go down." A couple hours of checking out beautiful fish and a cool shipwreck seems to melt away all of the tension.

    But when they surface for a picnic, Tila Tequila calls Bo out for behaving differently when Brittany and Kristy are around. Bo admits to Tila that it's hard for him act normally in a group setting because he wants so badly to be the only one fawning over her. Much to Tila's amazement, Brittany and Kristy feel the same way. After all, Tila's not the only one who's risking a broken heart!

    On her date with Tila Tequila, Brittany expresses how grateful she is to have A Shot at Love, and toasts every ridiculous relationship she's had that brought her to this moment. Brittany goes on to admit that even though she's normally reserved with her heart, it's hard not to fall in love with Tila. Hearing that, Tila invites Brittany up to her room. The two hop into a bubble bath and confess that they are falling for each other.

    The next morning, Bo and Kristy suffer through breakfast while Brittany beams with joy. As for the day's plans, Tila claims that after seeing them "pump it" and "go down," she now wants to see who can "ride" ... horses, that is.

    Tila loves riding horses on the beach. Native New Yorker, Kristy? Not so much. Especially when her horse starts galloping and she can't control it. Eventually Kristy decides she's too nervous and gets off the horse to watch the others have fun.

    Knowing that she may have hurt her chances at A Shot at Love, Kristy decides to step up her game during her date with Tila. While enjoying a romantic dinner on a yacht, Kristy confesses that no one's ever spoiled her with such a beautiful evening. When Tila voices her concerns about Kristy living across the country, Kristy reads Tila's mind, saying that sometimes missing someone can be a good thing.

    Tila takes Kristy to a special hammock hanging over the water for a snuggle session. Things begin to steam up as the two share their feelings, so Tila and Kristy move inside for some privacy. Kristy believes that she's finally found something real.

    Kristy and Tila return the next morning for yet another uncomfortable breakfast. Realizing it may be his last chance, Bo pours his heart out to Tila. She appreciates that Bo is finally opening up in front of the other girls, but Kristy is annoyed that he had to do it after her date.

    Back from Cancun, Tila Tequila faces her toughest decision yet. She feels strongly about all the Shot at Love contestants and knows that they all feel strongly about her. Who could she possibly send home?

    When the moment of truth arrives, Bo is the first to get a key. Apparently he really impressed Tila with his Mr. Softie speech. Only one key remains, and Kristy and Brittany hold hands as they await their fate. Although she cares for them both, Tila hands Kristy the coveted key. Brittany's Shot at Love has ended.

    Both Bo and Kristy hug their fallen comrade, genuinely upset to see her go. Tila tells Brittany that it's not personal, but she's just not sure the chemistry's there. Though they are sad that Brittany is gone, Bo and Kristy are thrilled to be the last ones standing.