1. This week's episode of A Shot At Love picks up right where last week's ended: with Chad head-butting Bo. But he doesn't stop there; while Bo's down for the count, Chad sucker-punches him in the jaw. The two are finally pulled apart, with Jay......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. An altercation in the house lands someone in the hospital and leads to major repercussions for two of the guys.


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  1. This week's episode of A Shot At Love picks up right where last week's ended: with Chad head-butting Bo. But he doesn't stop there; while Bo's down for the count, Chad sucker-punches him in the jaw. The two are finally pulled apart, with Jay taking Chad into the bedroom to cool off while Bo deals with the pool of blood that's forming in his mouth. Even Jay thinks Chad went too far, if only because he has to leave the house immediately. Unapologetic to the end, Chad insists that Tila doesn't want a guy like Bo and that Jay is his "brother for life". Another one bites the dust!

    With his chin split wide open and a tooth knocked out, the paramedics are called to take Bo to the hospital. The next morning, the remaining eight guys and girls marvel at the events on the night before. They also discover that Tila has know idea about the fight, Chad's expulsion, and Bo's hospitalization. No one is very happy that Jay doesn't take responsibility for instigating the fight, but Tila's too overwhelmed by everything that's happened to care.

    Tila feels much better when she reaches Bo in the hospital, although she finds out that his jaw bone has been snapped and some of his teeth are busted. She puts Bo on speakerphone to talk to everyone and he informs them that he's going into surgery later. With such intense medical issues, no one's sure if Bo will make it back. But the fact that he's trying means a lot to Tila.

    To help relieve the tension, Tila offers to take everyone out of the house on a field trip to one of her favorite restaurants. But before Tila goes, she has something very important to take care of: asking George if he'd like another Shot At Love. Naturally, George wants the key.

    George's reappearance at the dinner lifts everyone else's spirits as well. George is initially surprised to learn about the incident between Chad and Bo, worried that people will think he's only there because Chad's gone. Fortunately, everyone quickly convinces him that Chad was meant to leave -- karma works in mysterious ways!

    Noticing that Jay is uncharacteristically quiet, Tila pulls him and Michelle aside to talk. Jay admits that the past evening was really hard on him too, between being involved in the fight and losing his best friend in the house. He's also feeling that it's not fair for George to return -- especially if George gets a key the next elimination and Jay doesn't.

    Next, Tila has a chat with Scottie and Sirbrina to see how they're feeling. Tila notices that Sirbrina is oddly reserved, considering that her best friend George is back. Although Tila is still very attracted to Sirbrina, she's beginning to wonder whether or not the quiet brunette can handle her.

    Back at the table, Jay's not the only one thinking George's return isn't completely kosher. Lisa flat-out asks Tila why she eliminated him, questioning how she could do so if she really has such a strong connection with him. Tila overhears Lisa calling her fake and decides not to talk with her for the rest of the night.

    While Tila retires to her room, the rest of the gang is ready to let loose and celebrate Georgie-boy's return. This includes lots of drinks, a dance party, and the inevitable move to the stripper pole. Too bad Bo's knocked out in the hospital while everyone else is having their fun...

    Reality sets in the next morning, when everyone remembers their fallen brother and feels bad that Bo's not there with them. Luckily, they don't have to wait long: Bo returns to the house that very morning with a plate holding together his busted chin. It's a big happy reunion, especially when Bo realizes that George has returned as well.

    When Bo explains all the surgeries and injuries he's endured, Jay is inspired to apologize for his actions both the night of the fight and before. Bo accepts Jay's apology and even respects Jay for stepping up.

    Finally, Bo is reunited with Tila. For once, nobody is upset when Bo takes Tila away for some private time -- he's more than earned it! Even though he was the one in the hospital, Bo presents Tila with a teddy bear that says "I Love You".

    With ten people back in the house, it's time for another pre-elimination competition. This time it's the "Bubble Bath Burnout". Everyone will split into pairs with one person driving a bathtub on wheels while pulling their partner on roller-skates behind them. The catch? The driver will be blindfolded. As always, the winning team gets a date with Tila.

    Bo is bummed to learn that he is not well enough to compete, which means there's an odd number and another contestant will have to sit out the competition. Much to Tila's disappointment, George almost immediately volunteers to sit out. Dude gets a second chance at Tila's heart and he's not even going to fight for a date? Tila convinces George to reconsider and Sribrina becomes the odd man out in a game of chance to see who won't participate.

    The remaining eight pair up and after partnering with Lisa, Brittany makes Tila promise not to send her home if she and Lisa win the date. Lisa may have won nearly every competition, but her double date partner has always gone home at the following elimination. Of course Lisa and Brittany do win, so it looks like Brittany will be the latest contestant to try and survive the Lisa curse!

    Determined to be the first exception of the curse, Brittany is thrilled when Tila pulls her away for some personal time on the massage table. Brittany admits that she's never said "I love you" to anyone, nor has she had it said to her even though she wants to. Instead of holding it against her, Tila enjoys getting to see this softer side of Brittany. But will it be enough to keep her around?

    Perhaps the person that should be nervous is Lisa. With the "fake" comment from the night before still fresh, Tila calls the strong competitor out. Tila grows more and more upset with Lisa as she talks, eventually bursting into tears. Never one to handle drama well, Lisa gets up and leaves.

    But Miss Tequila isn't finished and follows Lisa to the bedroom, demanding to talk. Lisa admits that this whole situation is hard for her and that she's scared of how much she likes Tila. Tila continues to rant until Lisa finally just grabs her and kisses her. Then says "I hate you". Well, that's one way to end an argument.

    The whole incident does not leave Tila in a great state of mind for elimination. Likewise, Lisa is convinced that she's going home. Surprisingly, Tila calls Lisa first and tells her that actions speak louder than words...then gives Lisa a big kiss. Apparently, Tila admires someone with the passion to fight the way they do. Fortunately, Lisa's partner is able to survive the curse when Brittany remains and Sirbrina and Michelle are sent packing.