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  1. Bisexual beauty Tila Tequila opened up her home -- and her heart -- in search of true love during season 1 of A Shot at Love. After meeting 16 sexy straight guys and 16 luscious lesbians, she set out to find "the one." After wading through...   Read More

  2. Armed with his soul patch, Bo is looking for the centerfold model of his dreams -- and he won't settle for anything less. He's never dated a bisexual before, but he's more than willing to give it a shot. But is he willing to do whatever it takes for...   Read More

  3. Brittany is this season's only "gold star" lesbian. She thinks men are big, dumb apes and has no intention of allowing some primate to steal Tila Tequila's heart. Will Brittany be able to save her lady from a jungle full of beasts?

  4. Chad is a true alpha male who claims he's Detroit's most wanted wild man. He's on the prowl for a hot chick to have some good times with. In the end, he's hoping that Tila Tequila will pick him and one of the lovely ladies. Will Tila be into...   Read More

  5. Defining himself as a "lady killer," Chris is confident that he has what the ladies want. Vanity is both his biggest flaw and his favorite sin. Most of his proudest accomplishments are in the bedroom, but he's willing to settle down with one girl:...   Read More

  6. Christian is a true Latin lover. He believes that women are the world's greatest treasure, so he treats them like queens. His accent makes women weak in the knees and he's always ready to spice things up. Will Tila Tequila want a taste?

  7. Dominic, the older (by 30 seconds) of the Greg/Dominic super-twin duo, thinks he has the sweetness ladies prefer. He believes that lesbianism is just a "phase" that women go through and he's part of the "solution." Is Tila Tequila ready to move past...   Read More

  8. Behind her Brooklyn accent and smoldering good looks, Fame has a heart of gold and a drive to succeed. As a musician, she admires Tila Tequila's talent and career. Will she and Tila bond over their mutual interests and wind up making sweet music?

  9. With rock-hard abs and a heart of gold, George is the quintessential good guy. He's working on becoming a personal trainer -- and he has the pecs to prove it. While he prefers to settle disputes civilly, he isn't above flexing his muscles. Is Tila...   Read More

  10. Greg is vying against his own twin brother, Dominic, for Tila Tequila's heart. He claims he knows exactly what women want, having "changed" a number of lesbians in college. His trick: speaking French. Will Greg's words be enough to win Tila's heart?...   Read More

  11. A self-proclaimed wild child, Janny tends to make out with girls as soon as she's introduced to them. This sexy heartbreaker thinks that the best way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Will she be able to whip up a dish that will whet Tila...   Read More

  12. Competitive and confident, party boy Jay is representin' for Jersey. He's sure that what Tila Tequila really needs is a little East Coast style. He has set his sights on Tila -- and he's willing to throw down against anyone that gets in his way....   Read More

  13. A self-proclaimed "punk rock god," Jeremy is always the life of the party, so he wants a girl who can hold her liquor. When it comes to sex, Jeremy has "done it all." He lives a hardcore lifestyle and he needs a girl that can keep up. Is Tila...   Read More

  14. Kristy will definitely be giving Tila Tequila a run for her money. As a former Playboy model, this bisexual bombshell knows she has the "assets" required to win Tila?s attention. Has Tila finally met her match?

  15. With brains, brawn and a killer smile, Kyle is the total package. A real estate agent and surfer, he's a reformed player-turned-hopeless romantic. He's never had a problem getting the girl he wants, and now he has his eye on Tila Tequila. Will she...   Read More

  16. Firecracker Lauryn is both brilliant and beautiful. A nude cliff-diving and skinny-dipping enthusiast, she has found the perfect balance between medical school and partying. Does Dr. Lauryn have the right tools to heal Tila Tequila's broken heart?

  17. Despite her innocent appearance, Lili is no stranger to the lesbian scene. She prides herself on her sense of humor and her valor -- she can't walk by a damsel in distress without coming to her aid. Has Tila Tequila finally found someone to mend her...   Read More

  18. Lisa thrives on competition -- she never likes to lose! Despite her reputation as a player, she's looking to finally find a "wifey." And she thinks Tila Tequila could be it. But will Tila be able to keep up with such a fierce competitor?

  19. Even though he lives the aggressive life of a competitive wrestler, stuntman and martial artist, Mason knows that women truly appreciate a kind and gentle man. Will his tender loving care convince Tila Tequila that nice guys don't always finish...   Read More

  20. Matt, a cornfed Midwestern boy, was named one of America's "50 Hottest Bachelors" by Cosmopolitan. He's a sweet guy and a hopeless romantic who describes himself as a kid trapped in a grown-up's body. Will Tila Tequila be smitten with his...   Read More

  21. Don't be fooled by Michelle's tough-girl persona and "wicked cool" Boston accent; underneath it all, she's a hopeless romantic. This former boxer intends to knock down anyone that stands in her way. Can she KO the competition and emerge a champion?...   Read More

  22. City-boy Nick thinks he'll beat down the competition by proving that he's the "biggest" man in the house. He definitely thinks he has what Tila Tequila's been looking for. But will Tila agree that bigger is better?

  23. Stoic Rada has been forced to keep her lesbian lifestyle a secret from her disapproving parents, but she's willing to go public for a chance at winning Tila Tequila's affection. Will her willingness to sacrifice her relationship with her family win...   Read More

  24. A former football star, Ryan knows how to score with the ladies. He's looking for more than just a cheerleader; he wants a woman that brings beauty, brains and personality to the table -- and he sees all three in Tila Tequila. Will he be able to...   Read More

  25. As a devout lesbian, sexy and spunky Samantha is no stranger to the stripper pole. This cheerful exotic dancer loves everything from frogs to cooking to glittery eye shadow. Does Samantha have the right moves to snag Tila Tequila's heart?

  26. Tennis coach by day, singer/songwriter by night, Scotty knows that the best way to win a girl over is to make her laugh. Between his washboard abs, big heart and sense of humor, there isn't much he doesn't have to offer. Will Tila Tequila be...   Read More

  27. As a former army private, Serenity knows she has what it takes to cross enemy lines and return home with the prize. She has set her sights on what she wants: Tila Tequila. Is she ready to brave the battlefield for Tila?

  28. As a professional mechanical bull rider, sweet and sultry Sirbrina knows how to rope herself a good woman. But will she be able to hold on tight during the wild ride or will Tila Tequila buck her off?

  29. Tarra doesn't love to party, she lives to party. An adrenaline junkie that enjoys the outdoors and extreme sports, Tarra isn't worried about whether she can keep up with Tila Tequila. The question is: Can Tila keep up with her?

  30. Sultry tigress Tashi considers herself Tila Tequila's #1 fan, so the opportunity to win Tila's heart isn't something she takes lightly. Will Tashi's beauty and supreme knowledge of her prey serve her well in the hunt for love?

  31. Described by her friends as "the coolest cat" they know, V thinks that no woman can resist a sensitive poet. Armed with an arsenal of lyrical verses, philosophical ideas and brooding good looks, will she be able to convince Tila Tequila to take a...   Read More