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    The VBS Show brings you the latest in underground domestic and international political, cultural and music. Each of the six episodes are jam-packed with VBS.TV's best reporting from some of the world's most dangerous hot spots and features on some of the...  Read Full Summary


  1. In this VBS episode, VICE Magazine's crack crew explores a 'farm' where corpses rot, a video game mogul's dream home and the grimy world of British donk music.

  2. Pay attention. This collection of renegade news stories tours Jamaica's kinkiest corners, visits an island of unimaginable filth and terrorizes the gnarliest waves on the East Coast.

  3. In this stupidly dangerous show, VBS reporters take bullets point-blank to the guts, scramble through the sewers of Bogota and attempt the impossible task of securing U.S. borders.

  4. What is The VBS Show? Find out in this episode that explores China's take on 'American Idol,' invades No Age's 'Practice Space' and time-travels back to extreme snowboarding in the '80s.

  5. Music, culture and news collide on VBS. In this segment, a month-long rave set in an abandoned nuclear reactor, a drug that turns people into zombies and the most despised singer in black metal.

  6. Enter the world's most dangerous war-zones in a show that includes Iraqi heavy-metal, North Korean karaoke and, for good measure, epic feats of skateboarding.

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About The VBS Show

  1. The VBS Show takes you to the gnarliest corners of the uncharted world -- the places most reporters are too scared or too responsible to go -- to uncover stories so unbelievable, they'll make your imagination cry. Check back regularly to take point-blank bullets to the gut, run drugs in the sewers of Bogota and get closer than you ever thought possible to Caribbean mules.

    In case you're new, VBS.TV is the online equivalent of VICE Magazine, the VOICE of the underground and the unmentionable. Crack CNN. Among its regular shows are "Balls Out," "Practice Space," "Epicly Later'd," "Powder Rails," "The VICE Guide," "Thumbs Up" and a wide variety of renegade news shows that make the everyday "cutting edge" look like a butter knife. A wooden one.

    In VBS' "Balls Out," correspondent Thomas Morton (aka "Baby Balls") is sent into modern day lions' dens to pose as, among other things, a leather daddy, an ultimate fighter and an underground Bogotan drug-runner. Life could be a lot easier. Ryan Duffy is another VBS regular, guiding investigative tours of everything from bullet-proof couture factories to The Rapture's practice space (on, you guessed it, "Practice Space").

    "Epicly Later'd" is a fly-on-the-wall peek into the wild and often bloody lives of professional skateboarders. "Powder Rails" follows snowboarders from lip to lip of impossible half-pipes, while "Thumbs Up" hitchhikes across the warmer stretches of the United States with visual artist, David Choe. And that's just the terrified polar bear balancing on the tip of the melting iceberg.

    Although only in its first year of production, The VBS Show has already pulled the curtain on enough shocking news cover-ups, underground subcultures and filthy habits to un-glue Geraldo's fake mustache. This abridged version of the VICE-run circus brings you bite-sized encapsulations of all the best of VBS.TV. Don't miss a second. What you learn may very well save your life, even if it's only your social life.