The Substitute

about The Substitute

The Substitute returns for Season 2 with some new twists! Class begins with 20 high school students divided into classic high school rivalries, i.e. "jocks vs cheerleaders," "athletes vs geeks," and "public school girls vs private school girls." The students compete in four rounds of challenges during each episode. In the first and second rounds, they are tested in classic trivia style. To heat things up, the winner of the first round "Things You Do Know" (pop culture trivia), wins prizes for their whole team! The second round gets a little tougher, when students are quizzed on "Things You Should Know" (academic trivia) leaving only five students to go on to the third round. Things get weird during the third round named "What the #*?!" when students head into an interactive challenge involving contraptions such as "The Ping Pong Terror Wheel," "The Ice Factory," or "The Carnival Canon." Students have to stay focused and answer as many questions as possible while being seriously distracted! In the final round of the game, "What You Think," the students must vote for one of their peers to compete as "The People's Champ" against the winner of the third round. Here they will have to guess how they think their peers answered poll questions, such as: "On average, how many texts do you send in a day?" If the People's Champ wins, the class splits $5,000; but if the third round winner does, they keep it all for themselves! The only thing better than getting an A, is getting paid to do it!