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  1. BobbyBobby

    Jason Lewis

    After heading from Jamaica (the island) to Jamaica (the hood) as a kid, this 28-year-old found his calling rapping in the in the high school lunchroom. Now he cuts heads as he tries to score that elusive record deal.

  2. Cory RooneyCory Rooney

    Jason Lewis

    Simply put, the boss. His stature in the music biz attracts a steady stream of industry players, making The Shop a hub of hip-hop culture.

  3. DebDeb

    Jason Lewis

    The Shop's only female, and a mother to boot, Deb has a unique perspective--one she's not afraid to share. Maybe that's why she commands so much respect from both customers and the guys she works with.

  4. PopPop

    Jason Lewis

    When things get a little too heated, this 24-year-old Long Island native is the one to break it up. But just because he's got his head on straight doesn't mean he won't tell it like it is. In other words, Pop keeps it real.

  5. TeddyTeddy

    Jason Lewis

    As the fashion plate of The Shop, this 27-year-old Florida native loves being on display. That's why he makes a point of renting the chair nearest the window--and adding his two cents to every conversation.

  6. TimTim

    Jason Lewis

    Tim grew up with Cory in the hood, so Cory trusts him to hold down The Shop when he's away. A broken AC--and a possible barber mutiny--don't faze Tim, but are his sarcastic one-liners enough to keep things from getting out of hand?

  7. VanVan

    Jason Lewis

    You know how some guys are wise beyond their years? Not this opinionated Queens local. At 22, he's the Shop's youngest, and it shows. He's always ready to speak his mind, no matter how much trouble he stirs up in the process.