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  1. Kevin Manno, is the host of "The Seven," MTV's daily entertainment show counting down the seven stories MTV wants you to know about the day. Live from Times Square Kevin gives viewers an edge up on celebrity news and gossip, music, movies, fashion...   Read More


  1. When she was eight years old, Greta lee made a maxi dress out of her father's dress shirts--he wasn't as thrilled as she was. Since that fateful day, Greta has boldly lived the life of a style sherpa, fearlessly wearing anything that crosses her...   Read More

  2. At 22, Aaron is The Seven's youngest correspondent. The college senior cut his teeth in man-on-the-street work as the host of People.com's The Intern Asks. A hard-hitting journalist, Eisenberg hears the voice of the American people on issues as...   Read More