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  1. Age: 23

    From: Bellevue, WA

    Meena is a pastry chef and dreams of having her own pastry shop one day.

  2. Age: 22

    From: Seattle, WA

    Joel is a security guard.

  3. Age: 23

    From: Seattle, WA

    Danielle is a nanny and a photographer

  4. Age: 22

    From: Shoreline, WA

    Delvaughn recently graduated from college and studied Computer Information Systems.

  5. Age: 20

    From: Renton, WA

    Cassie is a student studying Psychology.

  6. Age: 23
    From: Tacoma, WA

    Joey is currently studying Physiology.

  7. Age: 24

    From: Seattle, WA

    Kristi is a Music Content Specialist.

  8. Age: 21

    From: Kent, WA

    Jason is a cheerleading coach for kids and a restaurant server.

  9. Age: 22
    From: Marblehead, MA
    Katelyn is a recent college graduate where she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She works as a waitress, babysitter, and dog walker.

  10. Age: 18
    From: Seekonk, MA
    Chris is a student studying Administrative Justice with hopes of joining the FBI.

  11. Age: 19
    From: Allston, MA
    Stephanie works as a hostess at a restaurant.

  12. Age: 20
    From: Worcester, MA
    Rob works in mortgage sales and is also studying business.

  13. Age: 22

    From: Brighton, MA

    Mitch works as a personal trainer and is a student at Arizona State University where he is studying Nutrition.

  14. Age: 22

    From: Dorchester, MA

    Rameika works in sales and is a student at Boston College.

  15. Age: 19

    From: Nahant, MA

    Samantha is currently majoring in Biology and minor in Chemistry with the hope of one day becoming a surgeon.

  16. Age: 21

    From: Malden, MA

    Tanya is a reservations agent

  17. Age: 18

    From: Los Angeles, CA

    Malayah works as a babysitter.

  18. Age: 23

    From: Burbank, CA

    Jirair is a Massage Therapist.

  19. Age: 23

    From: Los Angeles, CA

    Agathi works as a waitress but aspires to go back to school to study Social Work.

  20. Age: 19

    From: Newport Beach, CA

    Joshua is a college student and works as a cashier at a restaurant.

  21. Age: 20

    From: Los Angeles, CA

    Kimberly is a lifeguard and also coaches swimming, synchronized swimming, and diving.

  22. Age: 23

    From: Santa Barbara, CA

    Nikki works as a bartender.

  23. Age: 21

    From: Oak Park, CA

    Christina works as a boutique sales associate and babysitter

  24. Age: 22

    From: Whittier, CA

    Claudia is a student studying Marketing.