1. Amanda jolts out of bed, realizing that the first issue of The Circuit is hot off the presses. As editor-in-chief, she's not the only one excited -- all of the paper staffers are eager to check out the issue and distribute it to the rest of the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Amanda introduces you to an editor's best friend: her West Highland Terrier, Gabby.


  2. The divide between editors comes to a head when Amanda takes over Dan's humor column.


  3. This week, Dan learns all about the most popular sandwich of the Cypress Bay cafeteria and even tests out his culinary skills.


About Episode

  1. Amanda jolts out of bed, realizing that the first issue of The Circuit is hot off the presses. As editor-in-chief, she's not the only one excited -- all of the paper staffers are eager to check out the issue and distribute it to the rest of the school. While Alex and Trevor brag about the sections they worked on, Dan solicits compliments on his new humor column. He's only been guaranteed the column for the first two issues, so it's super-important that people like it.

    Amanda and Alex grab lunch to discuss how the first issue of the paper turned out. They're both very happy with it for the most part, although Alex thinks Dan might have been trying a little too hard with his column. When Amanda comes up with an idea for a humor column about trick-or-treating, Alex encourages her to ask Dan about writing it herself. Amanda calls Dan immediately, and he's much more agreeable to the idea than Amanda thought he would be. Although, it also seems Dan's more interested in taking a nap than talking about the paper.

    At school, it's time to nominate seniors for yearbook superlatives. Amanda wants "Best Personality," Trevor and Giana are up for "Best Couple"and Adam's determined to win "Best All-Around" ... although he seems much more likely to be crowned "Most Dramatic."

    Now that he's wide-awake, Dan regrets his decision to let Amanda write his column. When Giana encourages Dan to demand it back, Alex agrees to back him up. Looks like someone's flip-flopping!

    While Dan pulls Amanda aside, Giana and Adam bash the new editor-in-chief. Fed up with everyone ganging up on Amanda, an upset Cassia runs to the bathroom. Adam follows her and tries to clear things up, but she won't talk to him.

    Meanwhile, Amanda and Dan's conversation isn't going much better. Amanda is convinced that Dan has only changed his mind because of everyone else's opinion of her, while Dan is adamant that he should get to write the first two columns as promised. After a heated debate, Amanda grudgingly agrees to let Dan write the column.

    When a tearful Cassia returns to the paper, Adam brings Mrs. Weiss into the mix by demanding an editor's meeting so that everyone can air their grievances. When it comes time for the meeting, Giana ducks out and Alex doesn't show up. Mrs. Weiss and Amanda agree that everyone needs to be there, whether they want to be or not, and reschedule it for the following day.

    When Alex and Giana meet up, Alex admits that he hates being stuck between two groups of friends. Giana tells him to just pick a side and be done with it.

    The next day, Adam gets called to the yearbook office because he's been nominated for five superlatives, including "Most Talkative" and "Most School Spirited,"and must choose one. After whining about missing out on "Best All-Around," the yearbook staffers suggest he go with "Most Dramatic" -- something Adam's not sure he wants to be known as. But if the shoe fits...

    Later, all of the paper's editors finally sit down for the meeting. Trevor and Giana immediately begin snickering when Amanda asks them to address their issues to her face instead of behind her back. Adam is the lone soul to bring up the fact that people are still bitter over losing the editor-in-chief position to Amanda -- a claim that Giana and Alex deny. Mrs. Weiss admits she sometimes sees the eye-rolls when Amanda opens her mouth.

    The meeting takes a turn for the worse as everyone begins arguing ... except Alex. Amanda hopes he'll back her up, but all Alex says is he thinks the meeting is "stupid." Amanda closes the meeting by saying that, although she respects all of her fellow editors, she will no longer allow herself to be stepped on. Not exactly the resolution everyone was hoping for, especially Trevor, who thinks she's implying that she's going to "step all over" everyone even more.

    After the meeting, Amanda reflects on everything that happened -- especially with Alex. She realizes that Alex may not be on her side as much as he's led her to believe. It's starting to become apparent that there's a clear divide at the paper and the staffers are on the verge of an all-out war.

    Mrs. Weiss is feeling the stress, too, suffering from her "first eye twitch" of the year. Fed up with the drama, she puts the humor column to a vote. The paper staffers decide that rotating it between writers is best, which means Amanda will write the next column like she wanted to. Trevor and Dan start to make a stink until a fed up Adam throws a fit over all the controversy about one stupid column. While the rest of the staffers watch in stunned silence, Adam's tantrum escalates into screaming and crying. He eventually storms out of the classroom, sealing his title as "Most Dramatic" at Cypress Bay High School!