1. It's game night at Amanda's house and she and Cassia fondly recall when Alex used to participate. Amanda admits that she hasn't spoken to him since "the football incident" and is stunned when Cassia informs her that Alex and Alix are now a couple.......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. You know her as editor-in-chief of 'The Circuit', but tonight Amanda plays the role of DJ.


  2. As the deadline for the first issue of 'The Circuit' approaches, Alex establishes himself as a leader and Amanda's authority comes into question.


  3. This week, Dan walks a mile in the swim, wrestling, and cheerleading teams' uniforms.


About Episode

  1. It's game night at Amanda's house and she and Cassia fondly recall when Alex used to participate. Amanda admits that she hasn't spoken to him since "the football incident" and is stunned when Cassia informs her that Alex and Alix are now a couple. Still, Amanda has something much more important to focus on: her first deadline as editor-in-chief!

    When Mrs. Weiss gathers the editors to discuss the upcoming deadline, Amanda tells her that Adam will be handling the front page of this issue (a duty typically reserved for the editor-in-chief) and she will take care of the editorial page (typically the managing editor's job). Cassia wonders why Amanda would change things so drastically for her first issue but Amanda claims she couldn't say no when she knew how much Alex wanted to handle the cover. When Cassia continues to question this decision, Amanda essentially tells her it's between her and Alex.

    Meanwhile, everyone else has gathered for a friendly game of Wii. After Adam creates an Amanda-character to play with, he and Alex face off in a boxing match. Alex admits that he wanted to do the front page to show Mrs. Weiss what a big mistake she made by passing him over for in-chief. Adam is surprised Amanda would let him take away that responsibility so easily, but Alex claims that Amanda is easy to manipulate. Alex is more determined than ever to take down Amanda -- just as he took down the Amanda-character in Wii boxing!

    In the days before deadline, Adam gathers his advertising staff to inform them that he intends to once again break his own record by selling four thousand dollars worth of ads. In addition, he's hoping for a thirty-six page issue of The Circuit, something no high school has ever accomplished. While his minions are out selling ads, Adam sits back to enjoy an icy. This moment of zen is quickly ruined when Adam learns that one of his cronies has gone to sell an ad to a salon that's already purchased one. Then he learns that they've talked the salon into upgrading to a full page ad. By the end of the day, Adam's total is up to forty-six hundred dollars, meaning he's broke his own record...again.

    Alex wakes up bright and early for the first day of deadline. He arrives to school early to cover the start of "Mr. Neely Week" in honor of Cypress Bay's beloved principle. While most people have dressed in red, Alex gets some great shots of a group of guys who have painted their entire bodies red for the occasion and spelled out "N-E-E-L-Y" across their chests.

    The rest of the staff arrives to class, bracing themselves for three stressful days of layout. The stress level rises when Adam informs everyone that they'll be opening with a thirty-six page issue -- whether they want to or not! As Alex perfects his front page, Mrs. Weiss gives a long list of changes for Amanda's editorial. Clearly flustered, Amanda abandons her editor-in-chief duties to work on her editorial in the ladies room. Alex is all too happy to take over all the leadership duties in her absence and finally, Mrs. Weiss takes notice of his hard work.

    When Amanda finally returns, everyone is fawning over Alex's awesome front page. Mrs. Weiss suggests that maybe Amanda should consider starting from scratch on her editorial, but Amanda's determined to make it work -- even if she has to dedicate her entire night fixing it while Alex enjoys a celebratory date with Alix.

    By time day two of deadline rolls around, Adam's beginning to have some major freak-outs, practically biting Dan's head off when he submits an ad as a hard copy instead of in PDF form. But things are looking up for Amanda, whose second go at the editorial has earned raves from Mrs. Weiss.

    Unfortunately, there's more drama on the way as The Circuit staff begins to realize that several pages are ending up with lots of extra space. Adam is determined to have that thirty-six page issue, but it's looking less and less like there will be enough material to fill so many pages. Finally, Mrs. Weiss suggests that they'll probably have to cut four pages from the issue.

    Adam tries to defend the thirty-six pages while Alex and Giana argue that it's simply too much. The one person who's staying silent? Amanda. Mrs. Weiss makes the executive decision that four pages will indeed be cut, meaning they'll have to decide which stories to move and which stories to cut. Once again, Amanda remains eerily quiet as the other editors scream over each other. And, once again, Alex steps up as the leader by offering to cut a page from the sports section.

    The boys go out to decompress with some pizza, commenting on how little Amanda contributed to the crisis. Although they agree Amanda's lack of participation was bad, they also enjoy the power this gives them -- especially Alex. As Trevor points out "we run the newspaper".

    The third and final day of deadline is upon The Circuit staff and at least one person is upbeat and happy: Adam giddy about going to see High School Musical On Ice that evening. The lucky guy will get to skip out of deadline early while everyone else has to stay until the issue is completely finished. Immediately after Adam leaves, Mrs. Weiss announces that when the issue is ready to go, they'll have to convert it to a PDF and burn it to a disk. Only then do they realize that Adam's the only one who knows how to do this.

    Things start to look hopeless, since no one knows how to PDF and Adam's not answering his phone, but super-Alex is to the rescue again! He calls last year's editor-in-chief and has her teach him the process over the phone. While Adam continues to ignore his messages and utilizes some backstage passes, the rest of the staff watch as Alex performs a miracle on the computer. Amanda is thrilled that everyone has "worked together" to avoid a crisis.

    Back at home, Amanda does some yoga to de-stress from deadline. Cassia and Chereese talk about how cold Alex was to Amanda and their growing concern that she's being taken advantage of. Cassia decides she has to warn Amanda to start watching her back, but Amanda has turned off her phone. Looks like this confrontation will have to wait until next week!