1. As the newly anointed editor-in-chief, Amanda's first issue of The Circuit is underway, and she wants to make sure all her reporters are hitting their beats. She sends the staff out to uncover what the student body wants to see in the paper this......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. As the newly anointed editor-in-chief, Amanda's first issue of The Circuit is underway, and she wants to make sure all her reporters are hitting their beats. She sends the staff out to uncover what the student body wants to see in the paper this year, and the answer is overwhelmingly "sports." But Amanda thinks the newspaper should be more focused on, well, news.

    But it looks like even the paper's advisor, Mrs. Weiss, has sports on the brain! She shows the staff a giant stack of sports-related coverage from the local paper to demonstrate just how important the subject is. Guess Amanda can't ignore that!

    While attending a Cypress Bay High School football game, Alex has an idea for a story. To demonstrate how hard the football team works, he and Dan should practice with the team and write an exposé about the experience!

    Most of The Circuit staff is enthusiastic about Alex's idea, chiming in that maybe it could be a recurring column where a reporter practices with various teams throughout the school year. Amanda, however, finds the whole thing humorous, leaving Alex annoyed that she refuses to take him seriously.

    Still grumpy when he gets home, Alex vents to his mom about the fact that Amanda laughed at his idea. When he admits that he and Amanda don't hang out as much as they used to, his mom thinks it's a shame that they're no longer good friends. Alex points out that it's hard balancing two separate groups of friends at the paper, and his mom advises him to stay out of any potential drama. As if that's possible...

    On Dan's birthday, Alex, Adam and Trevor realize that Dan doesn't have anything special planned, so they decide to throw him an impromptu surprise party. As they make the guest list, Amanda and Cassia are purposefully excluded.

    While everyone else prepares for the party, Amanda and Cassia pout over not being invited. Cassia thinks they should crash the party, but Amanda points out that they'd probably just sit in a corner by themselves. They try to boost their spirits by singing songs, but they can't seem to shake the fact that they've been excluded from the fun.

    Meanwhile, Dan's surprise party is kicking off, as Dan dons a tiara and birthday sash. Dan and the rest of the paper staff are having a great time while starting cake fights, bouncing on a trampoline and doing cannonballs into the pool. The only mention of Amanda is when Dan notes that "someone" didn't get invited.

    The next day, Alex and Dan have to get permission from the football team's intimidating coach before they can start researching their story. They seem to be having second thoughts as they watch the coach scream at the players, but they man up and go talk to him. Although the coach thinks Alex and Dan look a little "small," he agrees to let them join in -- but they better pad up because he isn't going to go easy on them!

    The next step is getting a physical, where Alex and Dan must "drop trou" for part of their exam. Upping the humiliation level is the fact that a beautiful female doctor will be administering the turn-your-head-and-cough test. Ever the gentleman, Dan thanks her once she's finished.

    The big day finally arrives, and it appears that Amanda's not the only one who finds Alex and Dan's situation humorous. In the newsroom, Adam suggests that the paper's staff place bets on who will throw up first and the like. Even Mrs. Weiss casts her vote!

    Meanwhile, Alex and Dan realize they may be in over their heads when they walk into the locker room and are immediately heckled by the team. Once they're geared up and on the field, their concentration is tested by the arrival of some unwanted guests -- namely, Amanda, Cassia and several other girls. When Amanda complains about the intense heat, all the girls laugh. Needless to say, Alex is less than thrilled to hear Amanda's distinctive voice from 100 yards away.

    The next day, Alex doesn't hide his displeasure with Amanda when Mrs. Weiss asks how practice went. Amanda tries to explain that she wasn't laughing at Alex and Dan but at her own inability to handle the heat. Alex calls Amanda a liar and storms out of the room. Amanda feels terrible about the misunderstanding, especially since her friendship with Alex is already on the rocks.

    While Amanda worries about preserving her friendship with Alex, he's more concerned about moving forward with a new relationship. He heads to a Dave Matthews Band concert, where he hopes to score some alone time with his crush Alix.

    When Amanda calls Alex hoping to patch things up, he ignores the call. Instead he focuses on Alix, texting her to ask if she'll be his girlfriend. When she says yes, Trevor coins the new lovebirds "Aleix Squared."