1. Months have passed since Mrs. Weiss' controversial editor-in-chief decision and the gang from The Circuit is now mere days away from starting their senior year. Amanda has spent her summer improving her appearance (both at the gym and with a trip......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Take a tour of the Editor-In-Chief's jewelry collection.


  2. The divide between Amanda and the other editors becomes more pronounced with the start of the new school year.


  3. Sergeant Surgan learns the ins and outs of the ROTC program and even gets to play with a rifle!


About Episode

  1. Months have passed since Mrs. Weiss' controversial editor-in-chief decision and the gang from The Circuit is now mere days away from starting their senior year. Amanda has spent her summer improving her appearance (both at the gym and with a trip to the plastic surgeon for a new nose), preparing for her new leadership role, and hoping that the rest of her staff has cooled off. Elsewhere, Giana, Trevor, Alex, Adam and Dan gather to talk about how they'll manage to deal with Amanda all year long. Or more importantly, how they can avoid dealing with Amanda.

    Four days before school starts, Mrs. Weiss calls an editor's meeting. Alex admits to his mother that he's not excited about the meeting because he's only second in command. Yet, he still manages to make it to the meeting before Amanda -- who arrives fashionably late. Mrs. Weiss gives them all a speech about being the leaders of the class and setting the tone. Amanda is quite enthused, but everyone else seems content to make back-handed comments under their breath.

    To celebrate the last day of summer, Trevor throws a party for most of the gang. The conversation naturally centers around Amanda and her nose job. Adam thinks it actually looks good and Alex drops the bomb that he had a thing for Amanda several years ago. Still, Adam feels really strongly that Alex should have gotten in-chief and tries to get Alex to bad-mouth his former competition. Alex is clearly uncomfortable because he agrees with Adam but is friends with Amanda. Looks like Alex is going to have to choose sides sometime in the very near future!

    Instead of wasting her time at a party, Amanda uses the last day of summer to meticulously plan out her outfits for the first week of school. She's got accessories, themes, and a post-it for each day. She takes a brief break to text Alex to find out how the party's going. Going against everyone else's desire to ignore her or make fun of her, Alex does the nice thing and tells Amanda everyone says "hi".

    The first day of senior year has finally arrived and this time Amanda's made it on-time. Drama begins almost immediately over seat assignments. Mrs. Weiss pleads with Adam not to scare anyone on the first day. He does a really good job...until he walks in and sees someone else in his seat.

    After Mrs. Weiss' initial welcome, Dan takes to ripping on Alex for sporting a sweater-vest when it's ninety degrees out. Amanda sticks up for her buddy, pointing out that everyone dresses up for the first day of school...except Giana. Amanda then admits that she's planned out her outfits for the week. Perhaps not the best way to get people on her side...

    She's gotten through the first day of school, but now Amanda has to plan out a speech for her first brainstorming meeting as editor-in-chief. Over at Trevor's house, the guys rip on Amanda for even giving a speech -- no other editor has ever done that. On top of it, she wants Alex to make a speech too. The other guys think Alex should use it as an opportunity to show up Amanda right away, but Alex still wants to try and not let the rivalry destroy their friendship.

    When it comes time for the big brainstorming-session, Amanda has problems getting her staff's attention because she's more concerned about making sure everyone's comfortable. Her speech centers around making sure everyone feels comfortable with each other and there's no cliques, Alex keeps his speech short, although he does point out that his position is basically the same as Amanda's. The real problems begin when it comes time to plan out the next issue and assign stories. The room quickly disintegrates to utter chaos, with everyone shouting over each other and very little getting accomplished.

    Alex gives his mom a recap of the session, regretting his decision to let Amanda take the reigns. It's going to be hard to sit back and watch her all year when he knows he'd make a better leader. Alex's mom advises him to try his best to work as a team.

    Amanda isn't as concerned about how the meeting went, but her friends are. Cassia warns her that it's time to stop being nice and start demanding respect from her staff. Amanda still believes that she doesn't have to put her foot down -- that the troops will fall in line on their own.

    Instead, Amanda does to opposite of putting her foot down and throws an ice cream social as a "team bonding" activity for her staff. She hopes it will be an opportunity for everyone to branch out from their normal groups and get to know new people. Not surprisingly, everyone sticks to their own clique. Trevor, Giana, Dan, Adam and Alex have already planned to ditch out early to go play laser tag.

    Amanda catches Alex before he leaves to have a little chat about working together. Alex admits they've hit a rough patch in their friendship, but he thinks they're mature enough to get past it and work together. Amanda is pleased that he thinks so and confesses that she used to have a major crush on him in the third grade. Instead of admitting the way he used to feel about her, Alex does the adult thing and makes a pact that they'll stay friends no matter what happens with The Circuit.

    Satisfied with where they've left things, Amanda bids adieu to Alex and fondly looks over old pictures of them together. But Alex may not have her back as much as he let her believe. As soon as he gets to laser tag, Alex tells everyone else about their "pact" and admits that he doesn't think it will last.

    After the first week of school, Dan is convinced that The Circuit is screwed for the upcoming year. Alex doesn't agree in so many words -- but he does think they're in for quite a bit of fighting and drama. Meanwhile, Amanda believes they've had a great first week and will have an even better year. This could get ugly!