1. Everybody knows that high school is tough, but at Cypress Bay it can be downright cutthroat. Journalism is taken very seriously at the school's award-winning newspaper, The Circuit. The 50-person staff is truly an ambitious bunch. And, as the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Four highly ambitious students compete to become the next Editor-In-Chief for the successful high school paper, 'The Circuit'.


  2. Everyone's favorite journalist tests out different dialects.


  3. Dan Surgan, class clown of The Circuit, takes you on a tour of Cypress Bay High School.


About Episode

  1. Everybody knows that high school is tough, but at Cypress Bay it can be downright cutthroat.

    Journalism is taken very seriously at the school's award-winning newspaper, The Circuit. The 50-person staff is truly an ambitious bunch. And, as the school year winds down, there are four juniors who want to run the paper during their senior year. But only one of them will get the top slot of editor-in-chief. May the best journalist win!

    Hoping to prove they are the right person for the job, each candidate busts their butt in front of The Circuit advisor Mrs. Weiss, especially Amanda. As the paper's copy editor, Amanda checks grammar and flow, but she'd prefer to be overseeing everything. She feels she's the only person who'll be right for the position.

    The rest of The Circuit staff doesn't agree. As the newsroom hums with activity and Amanda runs around trying to make a good impression, the other staffers talk about Amanda behind her back, saying she's on a power trip and acting like she's better than everyone else.

    With her sights set on being editor-in-chief, Amanda sizes up the competition. She sees Alex, the sports writer, as her biggest competition. Although he's talented, she thinks he's too obsessed with sports to be the best candidate. Amanda also thinks business manager Adam could get the job, but he gets too worked up and stresses people out. And while clubs editor Giana is a strong contender, Amanda has noticed that she's been very distracted ever since she started dating the assistant business manager, Trevor. Clearly, Amanda thinks she has the best shot at the top slot.

    In less than a week, Mrs. Weiss will decide who will be editor-in-chief. But, in the end, it all comes down to who has the most impressive application.

    Amanda decides to forgo her social life for the weekend to get a head start on her application while the rest of the staff hits the town. With her essay completed and a satisfied smile on her face, Amanda goes to bed at 2 a.m., while everyone else is still out partying.

    With only three days left until applications are due, everyone handles the stress differently. While Adam diligently works on his, Alex panics about how he can possibly sum up his passion for journalism in just 500 words. Meanwhile, Giana blows off the assignment to hang out with Trevor.

    While everyone else is freaking out, Amanda relaxes by her pool, confident she's a shoo-in. But the next day, Amanda wakes up feeling sick and realizes she can't make it to school. Could her absence hurt her chances of becoming The Circuit's editor-in-chief?

    With applications due, the paper's staff is shocked to learn Amanda has strep throat and the newsroom starts buzzing about how she can't handle the pressure. As Adam and Alex hand over their applications, Giana has a breakdown because she hasn't finished hers yet. Then, to everyone's dismay, Amanda's mom drops off Amanda's application. If Amanda can't make it to school on the most important day of the year, how will she hold up as the big boss?

    That night, Adam, Alex, Giana and some other Circuit staffers go out to eat. Everyone is anxious about the big announcement being made the next morning. Adam gives a speech saying that no matter what happens, there should be no hard feelings. Unless Amanda gets the position, that is.

    The group agrees that if Amanda becomes editor-in-chief, the paper will fall apart. Hoping to psyche out Amanda, Adam and the rest of the gang gives her a call. On the other end, Amanda looks shocked as her co-workers snicker and insult her. But she's not one to back down; she swears she'll be at school the next day, no matter what.

    On the day of the big announcement, everyone is worked up. Amanda claims that getting editor-in-chief will be the highlight of her life. At the same time, Alex drives to school practically in tears. Meanwhile, Giana is so nervous that she sends Trevor to find out the news for her.

    A crowd forms outside the paper's office, where Mrs. Weiss dramatically posts the list of who made the cut. When Amanda shrieks in excitement after reading that she is the new editor-in-chief, everyone is silent. Adam breaks down and falls to the floor after finding out he is the advertising manager, which is basically the same position he currently holds. As the new managing editor, Alex is upset that he's second in command to Amanda. And an unhappy Trevor texts Giana to tell her that she is now the news editor.

    Clearly, no one is happy -- except Amanda, of course. But her victorious moment is short-lived as it becomes apparent that everyone is already plotting against her. Amanda sits by herself in the newsroom as the rest of the staff whispers in a corner. Giana tells staff writer Dan that she's heard that no one wants to work with Amanda. When Amanda confronts Giana about what's going on, Giana bluntly tells Amanda that no one wanted her to get the position. But Amanda refuses to believe her.

    As the bell rings, Amanda finds herself all alone in the newsroom. But she's determined not to let The Circuit staff ruin the happiest day of her life. Watch out Cypress Bay High School, there's a new editor-in-chief in town ... whether they like it or not!