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  1. In this series premiere episode we meet Maxx and Julie, and enter the gritty world they...  Read Full Summary »

  2. Mr. Gone gets the upperhand against Maxx and Julie, but for how long?/ Maxx uncovers...  Read Full Summary »

  3. We meet Sara, a struggling writer, who weaves a web of stories that link her to Maxx and...  Read Full Summary »

About The Maxx

  1. In the murky alleyways of New York City, homeless Maxx huddles in his box and dreams of crushing evil villains. But when he bursts into the colorful netherworld of the Outback, the Maxx is a hero, in full purple splendor. His friend Julie, a freelance social worker, thinks the Maxx's alternate universe is just an escape from the harsh reality of New York - not realizing that she, too, roams the Outback as the Jungle Queen.

    Based on comic book series created by Sam Kieth, The Maxx was adapted into an animated series that aired as part of MTV's Oddities in 1995. On MTV, the episodes drew from Kieth's Image Comics publication of The Maxx #1/2 and #1-11, while the comic book series encapsulates a total 35 issues and counting.

    Fans of the comic book praised the show for adhering closely to the source material and basing the animation on that of the comics, embellishing little in transferring it to television.

    On MTV, Maxx's voice was provided by character actor Michael Haley, who has also been an assistant director on numerous films, including Groundhog Day, Private Parts and Charlie Wilson's War. Julie's words came to life by way of Glynnis Talken, who also contributed her voice to the StarCraft and Diablo series.

    Shortly after its original run on MTV, episodes of The Maxx were released on VHS. Now MTV has resurrected The Maxx online so that a new generation can discover the Outback and ponder the mysterious links of the subconscious. Join the Maxx for deliciously demonic adventures in both worlds, as he scours streets and jungles in search of the link between his two realities. Will he be able to find the connection before it's too late?

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