1. In this series premiere episode we meet Maxx and Julie, and enter the gritty world they...  Read Full Summary »

  2. Mr. Gone gets the upperhand against Maxx and Julie, but for how long?/ Maxx uncovers...  Read Full Summary »

  3. We meet Sara, a struggling writer, who weaves a web of stories that link her to Maxx and...  Read Full Summary »

  4. Maxx becomes a cartoon version of himself, as he jumps between his and Julie's Outbacks....  Read Full Summary »

  5. Sara discovers a mysterious block of talking clay while a growing and shrinking Maxx...  Read Full Summary »

  6. After Maxx tells Sara and some neighborhood kids an Outback story, Julie discovers Mr....  Read Full Summary »

  7. Mr. Gone reveals the graphic series of events that made Julie what she is today. / In...  Read Full Summary »