Featured Artists

  1. Light Up The Sky

Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      Audrina tells Kristin, Stephanie and Lo why she was upset at Ryan's concert, and the girls make plans for her upcoming birthday.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' Theme Song

    1. Travie McCoy feat. Cee Lo Green  ‘Dr. Feel Good'

      Kristin, Stephanie and Lo shop for Audrina's birthday, and discuss whether they should invite Justin.

    1. We The Kings  ‘In-N-Out (Animal Style)'

      Brody tells Frankie and Taylor about his troubles with McKaela since she started bringing Allie around.

    1. Kanye West feat. T-Pain  ‘The Good Life'

      Brody and friends meet up with Kristin and the girls for a night of partying.

    1. Lil Wayne feat. Nicki Minaj  ‘Knockout'

      Kristin and Brody dance and flirt at the club.

    1. Meghan Kabir  ‘Welcome To Hollywood'

      After a confrontation with Allie, Kristin leaves the club infuriated, causing McKaela even more tension.

    1. Phonocast  ‘Frequency'

      Kristin goes to Smashbox to meet up with Lo, but when McKaela tries to apologize for the tension with Allie, the two don't see eye to eye.

    1. Meghan Kabir  ‘If You Can Hear My Voice'

      Audrina goes to Ryan's to talk about what happened at his concert.

    1. John Mayer  ‘All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye'

      Audrina breaks up with Ryan; Kristin meets up with Justin to tell him Audrina and Ryan are having troubles.

    1. Transmit Now  ‘Let's Go Out Tonight (Ultimix Remix)'

      Kristin invites Justin to Audrina's birthday party, and encourages him to reach out to her now that Ryan's out of the picture.

    1. Little Boots  ‘Remedy'

      Audrina tells Kristin that she ended things with Ryan; Kristin tells her she invited Justin to the party.

    1. Portrait of a Friend  ‘Hollywood Love Story'

      Audrina's friends gather in Marina Del Rey to celebrate her birthday with a chartered boat ride.

    1. Vogue In The Movement  ‘Guilty Pleasure'

      Audrina's birthday party gets underway as the boat sets sail with Justin at the helm.

    1. The Ruse  ‘Perfect World'

      Brody invites the group to join him on his upcoming trip to Costa Rica, and they toast to friendship.

    1. The Afters  ‘Light Up The Sky'

      Justin and Audrina talk about the lessons they've learned from dating and life.