1. Last week, Kristin found out Brody's been playing the field -- now, she says she's ready to do the same. On a puppy playdate with Stacie, Kristin admits she's open to the possibility of meeting someone else, even if she IS still stressing out over......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. While Kristin and Brody reignite their old flame, McKaela lands an internship at Smashbox.


  2. Holly Montag gets grilled on 'The Hills' cast, plus the 'After Show' gang weighs in on Heidi and Spencer's alleged separation and Kristin's man hunt.


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About Episode

  1. Last week, Kristin found out Brody's been playing the field -- now, she says she's ready to do the same. On a puppy playdate with Stacie, Kristin admits she's open to the possibility of meeting someone else, even if she IS still stressing out over Brody. Stacie warns Kristin that friends-with-benefits relationships can be tricky -- and suggests they hit the bars (and scope out some new guys!) that night.

    Elsewhere, Lo and Brody's friend, McKaela meet up for lunch at Della Terra in L.A. Turns out, they're both members of the same sorority (and, as Lo explains, Kappas are "sisters for life!") When Lo hears McKaela has an interest in cosmetics, she offers to help her get an internship at Smashbox. Before lunch is over, McKaela asks Lo about Brody's relationship with Kristin, and Lo warns her to be careful, telling her to "have fun" with him -- and stay on Kristin's good side.

    Across town in Venice, Kristin and Stacie begin Operation: Manhunt at a bar called Nikki's. Sick of seeing the same people every night, Kristin tells Stacie she's ready for some new boys. Maybe tonight's the night she'll meet Mr. Right! Or ... not. After brushing off some jerks at the bar, Kristin realizes a good man is hard to find.

    Around the same time, McKaela meets Brody at Amalfi to thank him for getting her in touch with Lo -- and find out what's really going on between him and his ex. Brody insists there's nothing to be uncomfortable about, but McKaela is wary of starting drama, telling him she's not looking to make any enemies.

    The next day, Stephanie and Audrina meet at the Anya Hindmarch handbag boutique for a little retail therapy. When Steph asks how things are going with Ryan, Audrina admits to feeling a little bit smothered -- and says she's looking forward to some time apart. First up on her girls' only agenda? Checking out some new bands at the Viper Room. Audrina invites Stephanie to come along, and she immediately says yes.

    Over at Smashbox studios, Lo shows McKaela around her office -- and sets her up with an interview for an internship. Fortunately, McKaela says all the right things -- and gets invited to assist on a photo shoot the very next day.

    At the same time, Kristin's finishing up her personal training session -- and complaining about how hard it is to meet a decent guy. She admits to missing Brody, but says she's still upset about the way he ambushed her with McKaela. "It just sucks now," she tells Stacie, mournfully. "Brody and I aren't even friends."

    That night, Audrina, Lo and Stephanie go to Viper Room to hear a band called Purple Melon -- and run into Justin Bobby! Turns out, he's playing a set with his band, Ed Stanley, and the girls are surprised to learn he's actually a talented drummer. Although Audrina (briefly) considers fleeing the scene, she decides to stick around to say hi to Justin and his bandmates instead. After a friendly hug, Justin tells Audrina he'd love to catch up sometime. Hmm, wonder what Ryan would have to say about that!

    So where IS Audrina's better half? Moving into his new L.A. abode and getting ready to go on tour. When he reminds her he'll be out of town for the next few days, Audrina tells him she's looking forward to spending time with old friends. She then tells him about her night at Viper Room -- conveniently leaving out any mention of running into her ex.

    Meanwhile, over at Smashbox Studios, Lo asks McKaela how things are going with her and Brody. When McKaela expresses concerns about Kristin, Lo warns her that Brody's "dated other girls" recently. "Be observant," she tells McKaela. "If something doesn't feel right, it's probably not.

    That night, Stacie and Kristin (still on their manhunt!) meet Audrina at West Hollywood nightclub, Voyeur. While Audrina fills them in on Ryan's tour schedule, Brody clears the air with Kristin, reminding her that he'll always love her. When Justin Bobby shows up moments later, everyone (except Audrina) seems surprised to see him. While the two of them cozy up together on the couch, Brody tells Kristin things aren't really working out with McKaela -- and leaves the club with Kristin. Looks like the friends-with-benefits are officially back on!

Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      Stacie encourages Kristin not to get hurt by Brody; they decide to go somewhere new to look for guys.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' Theme Song

    1. Shiny Toy Guns  ‘Rocketship 2010'

      Lo and McKaela find out they have some common interests, and Lo gives McKaela advice about Brody and Kristin.

    1. Tatiana Owens  ‘Boy Watcher'

      Kristin and Stacie set out to look for guys outside their usual Hollywood scene.

    1. Black Eyed Peas  ‘Don't Phunk With My Heart'

      Kristin and Stacie's manhunt disappoints when the night offers no good prospects.

    1. Paper Tongues  ‘Trinity'

      Audrina tells Stephanie that Ryan is getting his own place and giving her some space, and then invites her to come with her to scout bands at The Viper Room.

    1. Superchick  ‘So Beautiful'

      McKaela interviews for an internship recommended by Lo at Smashbox.

    1. Hayley Steele  ‘LA Cliché'

      Kristin opens up to Stacie about her disappointment that Brody chose McKaela over their longstanding friendship.

    1. Jaicko  ‘Name and Number'

      Audrina brings Lo and Stephanie with her to scout Purple Melon at The Viper Room.

    1. Purple Melon  ‘I've Got You (Live Performance)'

      Audrina, Lo and Stephanie enjoy themselves watching Purple Melon live in concert.

    1. EdstanleY  ‘Drop Your Weapons / Hey (Live Performance)'

      The girls are shocked to find that Justin's band EdstanleY is headlining that night, and they see a different side of him.

    1. Switchfoot  ‘Always'

      Justin and Audrina catch up like old friends after the show, and the girls leave with a newfound respect for him as a musician.

    1. Ashlyne Huff  ‘Heart of Gold'

      Ryan shows Audrina the house he's been busy moving into; she mentions going to The Viper Room, without telling him about running into Justin.

    1. Anna Madison  ‘Women Like Us'

      McKaela and Lo work their first photo shoot together, and Lo uses the opportunity to urge caution with dating Brody.

    1. Julia Michaels  ‘Born to Party'

      Audrina joins Kristin and Stacie at Voyeur, where their manhunt is turning up no results... until Brody arrives.

    1. H*Wood  ‘Go Go Dancer'

      Brody smoothes things over with Kristin; Justin shows up and reconnects with Audrina while Ryan is off on tour.

    1. B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams  ‘Airplanes'

      Old flames spark as Justin and Audrina talk and laugh into the night, and Kristin and Brody leave together.