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  1. Kristin Cavallari has her own way of doing things. Dating Justin and flirting with Brody earned her a reputation of boyfriend-stealer. And Kristin has a hard time letting anyone get close to her, so she surprised herself as much as everyone else...   Read More

  2. Every time Audrina is finally single and off of the hook, Justin reels her back in. But when he hooked up with Kristin right under her nose, Audrina finally put Justin in his place. And she's...   Read More

  3. Heidi has always imagined her life playing out like a fairytale. She has a new husband and a beautiful house in the hills, and even though her dreams of having children have been put on hold, working through it with Spencer made their union a...   Read More

  4. As much as Brody tried, he couldn't make things work out with Jayde. If a Playmate of the Year can't keep him happy, who can? He's single again for the first time in years, and Brody's wasting no time in his search for the right girl.

    He's got...   Read More

  5. Lo has never been shy about stating her opinion, she is who she is. She has proven to be the glue that holds the girls together, and the person who keeps them in check.

    Lo usually manages to leave the boyfriend drama to everyone else, but that's...   Read More

  6. Stephanie has made some mistakes in her life. So she welcomed the opportunity to use her life experience to help guide Holly toward possible recovery. But just when it seemed like Stephanie had everything under control, she was arrested for...   Read More