Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      Previously on 'The Hills'

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' theme song

    1. O.A.R.  ‘This Town'

      Kelly asks Lauren if she knows any internship candidates.

    1. Taxpayer  ‘Settle Down Ghost'

      Lauren and Stephanie meet for lunch.

    1. Michelle Featherstone  ‘You Don't See Me Anymore'

      Heidi and Spencer talk at home.

    1. Jen Foster  ‘Closer To Nowhere'

      Stephanie has an interview at People's Revolution.

    1. G Block  ‘Got It On'

      Spencer and Charlie head to the club.

    1. A Static Lullaby  ‘Toxic'

      Spencer and Charlie hang out with Stacie.

    1. Marie Digby  ‘Avalanche'

      Heidi and Stephanie recap the fight.

    1. OneRepublic  ‘Won't Stop'

      Lauren talks to Stephanie about Kelly.

    1. The Vines  ‘Get Out'

      Heidi and Spencer meet up and discuss therapy.

    1. Sara Haze  ‘My Own Hands To Hold'

      Spencer rejects the therapy idea.