1. While Kristin and Brody have dinner at a restaurant, the two talk about their respective breakups with Justin Bobby and Jayde. When Brody casually asks what Kristin is going to do now that she's done with Justin, Kristin says she'll move on to the......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Spencer considers drastic measures to stop Heidi's baby obsession. Plus, Brody's exes nearly come to blows, and Justin ends things with Audrina for good.


  2. Kristin pops in via satellite to discuss messy love triangles and her newfound sympathy for Audrina.


  3. *This episode is not currently available*


About Episode

  1. While Kristin and Brody have dinner at a restaurant, the two talk about their respective breakups with Justin Bobby and Jayde. When Brody casually asks what Kristin is going to do now that she's done with Justin, Kristin says she'll move on to the next. Brody raises a glass, saying it's good to be single, but when Kristin asks Brody what he can and can't do during his break from Jayde, her ex doesn't seem so sure. With this response, Kristin declares them both single as far as she's concerned. When Brody doesn't disagree, Kristin tells him they should go out again.

    At Heidi and Spencer's Hollywood home, Heidi is in the backyard playing with their neighbor Enzo and her new puppies. Spencer comes outside and sits down next to Heidi, who tells her husband she loves watching Enzo run around playing with the dogs. Heidi insists she still wants a baby, but her new husband calls her selfish for not considering what he wants in their relationship. They bicker, neither of them wavering from their stance on kids. When Heidi asks Spencer what would happen if she did get pregnant, Spencer asks if the question is a threat. She doesn't respond, but leaves Spencer sitting on the patio while she resumes playing with Enzo and the dogs.

    Meanwhile, Audrina is at a café with Lo when she announces that she's going to see Justin. She says she's torn because there is obviously still something between them. After Audrina's last conversation with Justin, she feels like he still wanted to be together. Lo advises Audrina to be careful, saying "I don't want to have to give him another nickname," with a laugh.

    At her beach house, Kristin tells Stacie about her dinner with Brody, saying that the date was very comfortable and fun. Stacie tells Kristin that Brody's always had something for her and always will. But, despite their connection, Kristin admits Brody seems conflicted about severing ties with Jayde. Stacie wonders if Brody thinks of Kristin as a rebound. Although Kristin can't confirm, she is sure that his having her around made it easier for Brody to walk away from Jayde. In fact, Kristin's optimistic that she's not just a post-bad-breakup fling because of her long history with Brody.

    Brody's mom, Linda, is thrilled when he and Kristin stop by her house for a visit. Linda greets the pair with kisses and lemonade before they sit down to chat. She tells Kristin she should come over more often and Kristin agrees. The two reminisce about the fun they used to have when Kristin came over when she and Brody were dating. Kristin and Brody's mom trade compliments, expressing their fondness for each other. Linda observes that Brody and Kristin have been hanging out a lot lately. She asks if there's something going on that she should know about, but they both deny it. She tells them they are cute together.

    Meanwhile, Spencer visits a urologist's office with his friend Charlie to get a consultation about a vasectomy. He tells Charlie that giving Heidi puppies for her birthday just made her want a baby even more. The doctor tells Spencer that they do consider vasectomies a permanent procedure and reversing it doesn't always work. Freaked out, Spencer quickly leaves the office with his reproductive organs intact.

    Later, Brody and Kristin go to Playhouse to party with some friends. They end up having a conversation about what their hanging out means and if they have a future together. Brody says he doesn't see the future. Kristin says she doesn't want to get hurt, so she wants Brody to figure out what he wants.

    Shortly thereafter, Jayde arrives at Playhouse with her friends. She walks by Kristin and Brody's table just in time to see her ex put his arm around Kristin. Furious, she and her friends decide to circle back and confront Kristin and Brody. As Jayde accuses Brody of dating Kristin, Brody maintains he's just hanging out with friends. When Kristin comes over to try and diffuse the situation, asking Jayde and her friends to leave, the argument escalates to a near-brawl between Brody's exes when someone pushes Kristin. Brody sites Jayde's 'psycho' behavior as the reason for their split, and leaves the club with a furious Kristin.

    At Kristin's house the next morning, Brody and Kristin talk about the Jayde confrontation. Brody tells Kristin he feels like it's his fault things got messy because they shouldn't have gone to the club together. Kristin says she's doesn't necessarily want to be in a relationship but she doesn't want to get hurt if he goes back to Jayde. Although he assures Kristin that, "there's no chance in hell I would get back together with her or she would get back together with me," Kristin's hesitant to believe him.

    At Heidi and Spencer's, Spencer is playing video games with Enzo and Charlie. Charlie and Spencer talk about the trip to the urologist and Enzo overhears. When Heidi gets home Enzo spills the beans about Spencer's secret doctor's appointment. Spencer is forced to explain himself. Heidi immediately gets upset when she hears what Spencer planned to do, accusing him of lying by omission. "Not telling your wife something that's life changing and that important is lying," she says. Before storming off, Heidi tells Spencer that marrying her might have been a big mistake since he knew she wanted kids before they tied the knot.

    Later, Audrina meets Justin for dinner. She tells him she wants to work things out, but Justin says he's unsure and isn't convinced he should even be meeting with her. When Audrina asks why he even met up with her for dinner, he suggests it might have been to finalize the end of their relationship. Justin explains that Audrina pushed him away, and he developed feelings for Kristin that he's never experienced with someone before. Audrina abruptly leaves the table and walks out of the restaurant close to tears.

Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      Kristin and Brody flirtatiously explore their new "single" status.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' theme song

    1. Priscilla Renea  ‘Dollhouse'

      Heidi tells Spencer she wants kids sooner rather than later.

    1. Gary Go  ‘Life Gets In The Way'

      Audrina tells Lo she's going to see Justin, and there's still a spark.

    1. Boys Like Girls  ‘Love Drunk'

      Kristin tells Stacie she went out with Brody, and it was comfortable and fun. Stacie asks Kristin if she's worried about being a rebound.

    1. We Are The In Crowd  ‘For The Win'

      Brody brings Kristin home to mom... again.

    1. OK Go  ‘All Is Not Lost'

      Spencer heads to Beverly Hills to look into having a vasectomy.

    1. Paradiso Girls  ‘Patron Tequila'

      Kristin and Brody show up at Playhouse together and Kristin tells Brody she doesn't want to get hurt.

    1. LMFAO  ‘LA LA LA'

      Kristin and Brody enjoy their night out... as Jayde and her friends arrive.

    1. Jordin Sparks  ‘S.O.S. (Let The Music Play)'

      Jayde and her friends find Brody with his arm around Kristin, and confront them.

    1. Pitbull  ‘Hotel Room Service'

      Jayde and Kristin get into a shoving match, and Brody breaks it up.

    1. Keri Hilson Ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo  ‘Knock You Down'

      Brody assures Kristin that he and Jayde will never get back together.

    1. OneRepublic  ‘Secrets'

      Heidi finds out Spencer went to see the doctor about a vasectomy.

    1. Rihanna  ‘Russian Roulette'

      Justin tells Audrina that Kristin affected him in a way she never did.