1. In search of a present for Brody's surprise birthday party, Kristin and Stacie go to the Hustler Hollywood store. Kristin thinks it would be funny to buy Brody a collar and a whip, "because he's so whipped on Jayde." While the girls play around......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Audrina moves on with Justin Bobby's best friend, and Kristin isn't pleased when Justin's a no-show at Brody's party.


  2. Jayde joins the 'After Show' crew to weigh in on Kristin, clear the air on any jealousy accusations, talk about her non-vanilla relationship with Brody and more.


  3. *This episode is not currently available*


About Episode

  1. In search of a present for Brody's surprise birthday party, Kristin and Stacie go to the Hustler Hollywood store. Kristin thinks it would be funny to buy Brody a collar and a whip, "because he's so whipped on Jayde." While the girls play around with the kinky merchandise, they talk about Kristin and Brody's love life when they were a couple. Kristin laments that they didn't use whips and things in the bedroom, and their sex life was "vanilla." As the girls continue to shop, Kristin tells Stacie that she's thinking of bringing Justin Bobby to Brody's party. Stacie suggests she buy some chaps to wear for her new bad boy.

    Kristin doesn't buy chaps, but does invite Justin to the party after a day of frolicking, flirting and wine drinking on the beach. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Audrina go to Recess nail spa for pedicures. Stephanie tells Audrina she needs to start dating again. Audrina agrees and says she just needed to get her head straight after she broke things off with Justin. She goes on to tell Stephanie that she ran into Derek, Justin's best friend, who wants to go on a lunch date with her. Stephanie says she approves because Derek is hot, but thinks her date might just be payback for Justin dating Kristin. Audrina explains that she and Derek have always talked and Justin always thought Derek had a thing for her. Since Derek and Justin are such close friends, Stephanie says she is concerned that Audrina will get into another relationship with a cocky guy. Audrina assures Stephanie that she knows what she does and does not want.

    Over in Malibu, Brody's surprise party is in full swing. When Kristin arrives, everyone wants to know if Justin is coming, too. Kristin gets a reprieve from the chatter about Justin's whereabouts when Brody arrives, but when the birthday boy goes inside to change Lo and Stephanie use the lull to ask Kristin if she's officially dating Justin. Kristin confirms the rumor.

    Later on, the boys are having a water fight at the party and Kristin gets hit in the face with a water balloon. Brody and his mom go over to Kristin to see if she is hurt. When Kristin makes it clear that she's alright, Brody asks her why "her man" Justin still isn't at the party. Brody's mother interjects, and says that Justin isn't her man but he'd be lucky if he were. Then she gives Kristin a big hug. Jayde quickly interrupts the ex-girlfriend and mother moment by demanding Brody open his gifts. Brody is excited for Kristin's kinky gift choices. But things get tense between Brody and Jayde when Kristin invites everyone to her place for an after party. Jayde wants Brody to go to a birthday dinner instead of more partying. When Brody insists he's going, Jayde gets mad and walks away from the party upset. Brody yells after her, "Leave. We don't care."

    Back in Hollywood, Justin's friend Derek picks up Audrina for lunch. On their way to the restaurant, Derek admits he didn't tell Justin he was taking her out. They start to talk about how Justin used to accuse them of messing around when he and Audrina were together, but Audrina quickly ends that conversation. With a laugh she tells Derek that she'd rather have lunch with him than talk about Justin.

    At Heidi and Spencer's house, Spencer is golfing in his backyard with Charlie. Spencer starts venting about Heidi putting pressure on him to have kids. Charlie tells Spencer that starting a family so soon after getting married is pointless, and Spencer agrees. Spencer says he never would have married Heidi if he knew she wanted to have kids so soon afterward. Spencer goes on to tell Charlie that having a neighbor with two kids makes things worse because Heidi has so much fun with them. As if on cue, six-year-old Enzo interrupts their conversation by wandering into the yard. Spencer and Charlie temporarily get rid of him with a faux game of hide-and-seek. As soon as Enzo is out of earshot Spencer declares he is going to get his tubes tied.

    In Malibu, the gang is hanging out at Kristin's house for her after party. Kristin tells Stephanie and Stacie that she is disappointed Justin didn't show at Brody's party. "I really didn't think I would have feelings for him and get upset," she says. Kristin isn't down for too long, because Brody soon arrives with all the guys. "Well if there isn't a Justin Bobby, there's a Brody," she says before Brody finds her for a chat. When Brody reveals that Jayde didn't come with him, Kristin blames herself. She points out that Brody's mom was "Team Kristin" throughout the party, so Jayde is probably mad at her. Regardless of the reason, Brody tells Kristin that he his constant fighting with Jayde could end their relationship.

    Meanwhile, Heidi and Spencer are out to dinner. Their talk about pets leads to another discussion about having kids. Heidi wants to know what Spencer has against babies, and he tells her that he never knew about her family plans before they got married. Heidi tells Spencer that her mother had one child and was pregnant with another by the time she was 23. Spencer tells Heidi he never wants to have kids, but Heidi is adamant that he does but doesn't know it yet.

    At Stephanie's apartment she and Audrina are catching up. Audrina tells Stephanie that her date with Derek went well and she really likes him. Audrina says she doesn't really care what Justin thinks. When Audrina asks Stephanie about Brody's birthday party, Stephanie tells her Justin stood Kristin up. Audrina says she's not surprised.

    Kristin and Stacie are chatting about Brody's party at Kristin's house the next day. Stacie comments on Jayde and Brody's constant fighting and says Jayde doesn't seem to like Kristin at all. Kristin says Jayde's dislike probably stems from Kristin's close relationship with Brody's mom. Stacie tells Kristin that she and Brody seem perfect together, but Kristin says they broke up for a reason. When Stacie asks if she spoke to Justin yet, Kristin admits she hasn't. She also she says won't wait around for Justin and let him flake on her like he did with Audrina. According to Kristin, the party blow off is strike one.

Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      "Previously On" into: Kristin and Stacie shop for Brody's birthday present.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' theme song

    1. OK Go  ‘Needing/Getting'

      Kristin and Justin get flirtatious at the beach, and decide to go to Brody's birthday party together.

    1. 3OH!3  ‘I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby'

      Audrina tells Stephanie she's going on a date with Justin's friend Derek.

    1. Shwayze  ‘Get U Home'

      Brody's friends arrive for his surprise birthday party.

    1. The Right Coast  ‘This Is Now'

      The party gets underway when Brody arrives, but Justin is nowhere to be found.

    1. The Static Jacks  ‘Parties and Friends'

      After Kristin gets hit by a water balloon, she is comforted by Brody, making Jayde jealous.

    1. Fallbrooke  ‘Losin' It'

      Justin's friend Derek picks Audrina up for a lunch date.

    1. Jason Derula  ‘Whatcha Say'

      Spencer vents to Charlie about Heidi wanting children, when Enzo stops by unannounced.

    1. Kristy Frank  ‘Girls Like Me'

      Kristin, Stacie and Stephanie talk about Justin before Brody and the boys arrive for the after-party.

    1. National Skyline  ‘Look Into My Eyes'

      Brody vents to Kristin about Jayde not coming with him to the after-party.

    1. Salme Dahlstrom  ‘C'mon Y'all'

      When talk of having kids comes up at dinner, Spencer says no, but Heidi says yes.

    1. Jess Penner  ‘Seeing In Stereo'

      Audrina tells Stephanie about her date with Derek, and Stephanie tells Audrina how Justin stood Kristin up at Brody's party.

    1. Har Mar Superstar  ‘Sunshine'

      Kristin and Stacie talk about Justin and Brody.

    1. Kelly Clarkson  ‘Tip Of My Tongue'

      Kristin tells Stacie that she will not let Justin treat her the way he treated Audrina.