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  1. Kristin Cavallari grew up just a short drive from Los Angeles, in Laguna Beach, where she went to high school with Lauren and Lo. But she wasn't exactly a girl's girl -- how can you be when all the boys like you? She's a strong, independent girl,...   Read More

  2. The hardest thing Audrina has ever had to do is break it off with Justin for good, and now she thinks she's finally succeeded. Then Kristin came to town and started flirting with Justin, reminding Audrina that she still has feelings for him. Sure,...   Read More

  3. Heidi has always known what she wants, and she finally got the perfect, storybook wedding. Now she's ready for the next step: the perfect dream house in the suburbs, with a white picket fence, a pool, and of course a nursery. She even resigned from...   Read More

  4. Spencer finally stepped up his game and gave Heidi the wedding she wanted. He even sucked up his pride and gave Lauren a call to apologize and encourage her to attend. As far as Spencer is concerned, he's been doing everything right and has...   Read More

  5. StephanieStephanie

    Miranda Penn Turin

    With Kristin in the picture, Stephanie is going to have some tough decisions to make. Kristin is Heidi and Spencer's friend, and they're pushing Stephanie to welcome her. But Stephanie had a ring-side seat for Audrina's ups and downs with Justin,...   Read More

  6. Justin is the one guy that Audrina could never get over. He's handsome, he rides a Harley, he surfs, but most of all he's mysterious, and you can never pin him down. The one thing he would never give Audrina is a real commitment. Maybe it's because...   Read More

  7. Thanks to Brody, Audrina and Jayde hate each other, and Brody's not friends with Audrina anymore, all because of one night in Hawaii. He made the decision to take Jayde's side, and he's sticking to it. Never mind Jayde's nasty temper or the fact...   Read More

  8. Lo is trying to focus on her job with Davis Factor, which is going well, and on her love life, which is not. She wants to get out and meet more guys, but it isn't always easy in Hollywood. Things get complicated for Lo when Kristin comes to town....   Read More

  9. Stacie is a newcomer to the scene, and nobody quite knows what to make of her. She and Kristin become fast friends and roommates at Kristin's Malibu house, which means Audrina has no time for her. Heidi and Stephanie have had their issues with...   Read More

  10. LaurenLauren

    Miranda Penn Turin

    In Season Five, Lauren faces some of the hardest decisions of her life. She must decide if she should recommend Stephanie Pratt to work alongside her, knowing that Kelly Cutrone may eat her alive. And, she'll have to decide if it's time to move on...   Read More