Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On The Day'

      Audrina lets Chiara in about the Lauren rumor.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' Theme Song

    1. Jo De La Rosa  ‘Rumors'

      Lauren and Lo talk about Audrina.

    1. Tristan Prettyman  ‘War Out of Peace'

      Spencer shares his opinions on Holly.

    1. The Handcuffs  ‘Turn It Up'

    1. Coldplay  ‘Lost'

      Audrina on the phone.

    1. Sara Bareilles  ‘Gravity'

      Holly visits Heidi at work.

    1. Robyn  ‘Crash and Burn Girl'

      Steph and Lauren talk about the rumor.

    1. E.V.E.  ‘Look At What You've Done feat. Chauncy Jacks'

      Heidi and Spencer talk about Holly.

    1. And Then There Were Two  ‘Where We Are'

      Audrina discusses the Lauren situation with Casey.

    1. Vedera  ‘Forgive You'

      The girls meet up at a bar. The situation is not resolved.