Songs from the show

    1. Vaughan Penn  ‘Bring On the Day'

      Lauren and Whitney chat at work.

    1. Natasha Bedingfield  ‘Unwritten'

      'The Hills' Theme Song

    1. SiA  ‘Buttons'

      Justin and Audrina walk on the beach.

    1. Air Traffic  ‘Time Goes By'

      Heidi and Spencer talk about getting Heidi's job back.

    1. Jupiter Rising  ‘L.A. Girls'

      Audrina and Lauren have a girls' night.

    1. Black Eyed Peas  ‘Don't Phunk With My Heart'

    1. Switches  ‘Drama Queen'

      Audrina and Casey girl talk.

    1. Anjulie  ‘Rain'

      Heidi talks to Sam about her job.

    1. The Cab  ‘Bounce'

      Lauren and Steph talk between classes.

    1. Lady Gaga  ‘Poker Face'

      Holly, Lo and Lauren talk in the kitchen.

    1. Cory Yarckin  ‘Unbreakable'

      Heidi and Spencer get a visit from Steph.

    1. The Takeover UK  ‘Ah La La'

      Justin and Audrina go out to eat.

    1. Leona Lewis  ‘Better In Time'