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  1. Lauren has more to deal with this year than ever. She faces new pressures at work as she and Whitney prepare for their biggest challenge at Teen Vogue yet. She also has a new roommate and a new wing woman in Audrina, and the two of them are...   Read More

  2. This season, Audrina moves in with Lauren and into Heidi's old bedroom, but before they can partner up to hit the Hollywood scene, Audrina falls for a guy she thinks could be "the one." Even though she's working to make the transition from serial...   Read More

  3. WhitneyWhitney

    Jeff Lipsky

    Whitney's life has changed the most: she's graduating from college, and she's been promoted from Teen Vogue intern to Teen Vogue employee. She's faced with the pressure of a new job, new bosses, and of being a new boss herself. Whitney...   Read More

  4. On the surface, Heidi has everything she ever wanted: a prestigious job promoting parties in Hollywood, a boyfriend she adores in Spencer, a great apartment in the Hollywood Hills, and an engagement ring around the corner. With all of that, she's...   Read More