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Look back at all of your favorite 'Hills' moments from seasons 1 through 6.

Red Carpet Fashion Attack

Check out Lauren, Audrina, Whitney and Speidi on the red carpet of the 2007 Movie Awards.

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Flip through photos of Lauren, Heidi, Whitney and Audrina from Season 2!

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  1. Lauren receives the news from Heidi, who promptly packs her bags to move in with Spencer....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Heidi is pressured to move in with Spencer. As Whitney takes a spill on live television....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Lauren's turning 21 and Heidi has big plans for the birthday bash... but, before the party she decides its time to tell Lauren about them moving in together....  Read Full Summary »



  1. The cast of The Hills talk fashion with Coltrane on the red carpet.

  2. Is Spencer driving Heidi toward heartbreak? Catch up on the drama as Spence maneuvers through pregnancy scares and Playmates.

  3. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy chats about his experience as Guest Music Supervisor on The Hills.

  1. Own the entire second season on DVD and relive the drama again and again.

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  3. Get ready for a big night out with your favorite songs from the show.

About The Hills (Season 2)

  1. With a year in Los Angeles under their belts, Lauren Conrad and her friends Heidi, Audrina and Whitney are learning that being young women in the big city isn't as easy as they thought. The girls are older, wiser and now single, facing new challenges at work and school. But this year when new boys force them to make tough choices, Lauren and the girls are about to find out that not even friendships can be taken for granted.