Songs from the show

    1. Colbie Caillat  ‘Battle'

    1. Sherstin  ‘You're So LA'

    1. Careen  ‘Turn Up, Turn On'

    1. Philip Foxman  ‘You'll Never Find'

    1. Plain White T's  ‘Hate (I Really Don't Like You)'

    1. La Rocca  ‘Sketches Of A Twenty Something Life'

    1. Philip Foxman  ‘Until It's Gone'

    1. Leif Karate  ‘Steve McQueen was Great in Papillon'

    1. Spitalfield  ‘Building A Better City By Design'

    1. Seconds To Breathe  ‘Three Words'

    1. Buckcherry  ‘Next 2 You'

    1. Katherine McPhee  ‘Over It'