Featured Artists

  1. Samantha Moore

    I Thought The World Was Round

Songs from the show

    1. Samantha Moore  ‘I Thought The World Was Round'

    1. Nelly Furtado  ‘Say It Right'

    1. Flupejac  ‘Makeup Counter Girl'

    1. The Handcuffs  ‘Love Me All The Way'

    1. The Alternate Routes  ‘Are You Lonely'

    1. The Heavenly States  ‘Cumulous To Nebulous'

    1. Kill Hannah  ‘Life In the Arctic'

    1. The Alternate Routes  ‘Time Is A Runaway'

    1. Samantha Ronson  ‘Angels'

    1. Bodyrockers  ‘I Like The Way'

    1. Fergie  ‘Fergalicious'

    1. Jag Star  ‘The Last Tune'