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  1. LaurenLauren

    Steven Lippman

    The former Laguna Beach queen is ready to give up the safety and comfort of home to venture out into the world. She's tried to leave before, but always ended up right back in the O.C. Now she's determined to make it work in Los Angeles, where she'll...   Read More

  2. HeidiHeidi

    Steven Lippman

    Heidi is Lauren's new roommate in Los Angeles. They met in San Francisco when Lauren attended art school, where Heidi was also enrolled at the time. Heidi is now enrolled in fashion school with Lauren in Los Angeles, but a chance encounter with...   Read More

  3. AudrinaAudrina

    Steven Lippman

    Audrina is Lauren and Heidi's neighbor and their first new friend in L.A. She currently works as a receptionist at a trendy photo studio but dreams of becoming a "mactress" (model/actress). Audrina is also a bonafide Hollywood "power dater,"...   Read More

  4. WhitneyWhitney

    Steven Lippman

    This sorority sister also dreams of hitting it big in fashion, and now she's interning alongside Lauren at Teen Vogue. Whitney's an LA native and determined to climb her way to the top of this business. Whitney is always there to lend an ear when...   Read More

  5. This fellow "Laguna Beach" alum (and Lauren's Ex) is young, rich and has a way with the ladies, but he's put his bad boy days behind to win Lauren back. Sure, Jason's broken a few hearts in the past, including Lauren's, but he's determined to do...   Read More

  6. JordanJordan

    Steven Lippman

    Jordan is Heidi's boyfriend and lives with his best friend, Brian, when he's not sleeping at Heidi's. He is a long way from North Carolina, where he grew up, and still trying to find a focus in Los Angeles...a focus other than Heidi, that is. Jordan...   Read More

  7. BrianBrian

    Steven Lippman

    Brian drove cross-country with Jordan to pursue his Hollywood dreams. Jordan and Brian found an apartment together, but while Jordan has been focusing on Heidi, Brian has been focusing on his career. Brian's determination has been paying off --...   Read More