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  1. When Ms. Shrager wakes the girls for yet another morning of lessons, Brianna decides that first, she wants to talk with Margie about the past nights elimination. Brianna believes that Margie wrongfully accused her of taking Jen's prescription of......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The girls test their skills, and their stomachs, with lessons on hunting, cleaning, and eating birds.


  2. Some of the girls discover hidden talents in fencing, and others learn to channel their agression.


About Episode

  1. When Ms. Shrager wakes the girls for yet another morning of lessons, Brianna decides that first, she wants to talk with Margie about the past nights elimination. Brianna believes that Margie wrongfully accused her of taking Jen's prescription of Xanax, and wants to set the record straight.

    Margie refuses to get riled up and fight with the girls, keeping in mind that the smallest confrontation could cost her $100,000.

    The girls get ready and head downstairs to meet Ms. Shrager, but soon realize that Jennifer and Jenna are missing. Ms. Shrager is not one to tolerate lateness, so she begins the lesson without them. She announces that the girls have been invited to a pheasant shoot and dinner, which none of the girls have ever experienced. She lets the girls know that a pheasant shoot is a very privileged event, and is not just about shooting birds, but about eating the meal properly.

    In preparation for the pheasant dinner, Ms. Shrager begins a lesson on traditional English food. The first dish the girls sample is called Spotted Dick. Although the girls snicker over the name, no one's laughing after they taste it; some of the girls even think they'll throw up.

    In the middle of the food tasting, Jennifer and Jenna finally join the group, but Ms. Shrager is so offended by their lateness that she sends them away.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the girls move on to the second food sample: Black Pudding, aka Pigs Blood. They hardly manage to get the food down when the next course, Ox Tongue, is introduced. Ms. Shrager gives the girls tips on how to eat the food properly, and then sends them away to their next lesson with Tara.

    The girls find Tara waiting for them outside, with another gentleman, Teri Large. Teri tells the girls he wants to introduce them to some friends of his, and asks the girls to yell out 'Mal'. The girls shout in unison, and in response, a giant falcon comes flying over their heads, knocking a few unsuspecting girls to the ground.

    For the next hour, the girls learn the basics of bird training, from feeding the birds meat to running with fake rabbits. Margie impresses everyone when she overcomes her intense fear of animals, and actually begins to enjoy the experience.

    Later, the girls step it up a level and go to a pheasant shoot. While some of the girls watch in fascination as the hunter brings multiple birds down from the sky, the rest of the girls are appalled. Jen is especially disturbed by the killing, and starts to cry uncontrollably.

    After the shooting, the girls are instructed to pick up the dead birds. They bring them to Ms. Shrager, who shows the girls how to pluck them in preparation for eating. Jen walks in late, after attempting to recover from the hunting trip, and Ms. Shrager has her finish plucking a bird. Unfortunately, Jen loses her cool again when Ms. Shrager pulls off the bird's entire butt.

    Ms. Shrager tries to calm Jen down, and tells the girls that overall, she's very proud of them all. When the girls have plucked the last feather off their birds, Ms. Shrager divides them into groups for the upcoming dinner.

    One unlucky group is assigned to chef duty, where they have to fully clean out and cut up the birds. The rest of the girls are assigned to setting tables, which they have problems with, as well.

    During dinner, the girls are impressed with their work, and try not to think of what the birds looked like pre-cooked. Unfortunately, Margie stumbles in her dinner etiquette when she comes across a bone in her chicken. When she thinks no one is looking, she spits the bone out onto the floor.

    After dinner, Headmistress Harbord meets with a few girls individually in her office. Several girls bring up the fact that Jen has been offering her Xanax to girls in the house.

    At elimination, the instructors call Jen, Margie, and Jenna to the front to justify why they should be allowed another week at Hedsor Hall. Each girl insists that she does not deserve to be sent home. Tensions rise when Jen denies offering any girls her Xanax. Margie is then called 'revolting' for spitting out her food, and is yelled at by Jenna and Ms. Shrager for always being in the middle of the drama.

    As Jenna defends herself, Margie discreetly begins to remove her pearls. She stands up, thanks the instructors for the Hedsor Hall experience, and exits the elimination room.

    Ms. Shrager races after her, and finds Margie crying in her room. Margie explains that she's tired of fighting, but Ms. Shrager insists that Margie cannot give up, because she has come so far already.

    Ms. Shrager hands Margie a badge from the falconry, and tells her she will be staying at Hedsor Hall next week. The two walk back to the elimination room, where Jen and Jenna battle it out for the privilege of staying at Hedsor Hall. After the instructors deliberate, they make the tough decision to send Jen home, explaining that recreational drug use can never be tolerated at Hedsor Hall.