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  1. Hedsor Hall headmistress Gill Harbord was trained at Constance Spry School in London , She is a nationally accredited flower arranging specialist and has spent all of her teaching career at finishing schools in the United Kingdom.

    She is working...   Read More

  2. A native of Russell Springs, Kentucky, Tara Conner is a beauty queen who was crowned Miss USA 2006, and has also competed in the prestigious Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants. It was the realization of a lifelong dream -- and also a ticket...   Read More

  3. Rosemary Shrager is an English chef and teacher at Hedsor Hall. A natural extrovert and communicator, Rosemary's professional career includes a period working for Pierre Koffman at the famous Tante Claire restaurant in London, as well as a period...   Read More

  4. A bartender from Long Island, New York, Kim is a major league partier. She spends most nights at clubs, doing body shots with her friends and dancing on the tables.

    But underneath the tough, party girl exterior is a pretty woman with a solid...   Read More

  5. A self-described "nymphomaniac," Brianna comes to Hedsor Hall from a small town in Pennsylvania. She is a "webcam model" who spends her days stripping for paying customers.

    Brianna is desperate to improve her life. Her line of work has ruined her...   Read More

  6. A phone operator from Austin, Texas, Hillary goes out partying almost every night of the week. This pink-haired chick likes to get crunk and doesn't hesitate to show off her bare booty when she gets her drink on.

    Growing up with three brothers,...   Read More

  7. Working in the fashion business in New York City, Jen M considers herself part of New York's elite "in" crowd. She thinks she is better than everyone and admits to being a "snobby bitch". Jen's been going to clubs ever since she was a teenager...   Read More

  8. Jenna is a high school dropout from Rhode Island who lives with her parents. She claims that she doesn't need a job since Dad gives her anything she wants. And for those times he says "no," she has learned to lie, cheat and steal to get her way --...   Read More

  9. The self-proclaimed "Blackout Queen of North Carolina," Jennifer regularly drinks until she passes out. She claims to have had a tough childhood, and says she was constantly reprimanded by incredibly strict parents. Jennifer is now unemployed and...   Read More

  10. Raised on the mean streets of South Los Angeles, Margie is a tough girl who won't hesitate to smack a stranger just for giving her a bad look.
    Margie's violent temper has led to her getting stabbed, arrested, and once she even sprayed mace at a...   Read More

  11. Paola is a striking Texan with high class looks, but low class ways.
    She's a parent who gave birth at the tender age of 14. Far from having even a hint of responsibility, Paola's been involved in many a bar brawl, with the rap sheet and mug shots...   Read More

  12. Samantha, a Wisconsin native, has a lot of responsibilities as the parent of a 2 year-old son. But that doesn't stop her from drinking excessively and spending many nights out partying.

    Samantha's family has given up on the possibility of her...   Read More

  13. This blonde New Yorker's lifestyle is far from that of a lady as strip poker, beer bongs and wet t-shirt contests are a regular part of her life -- punctuated with burps, snorts and farts, of course.

    Amanda's father is in a wheelchair as a result...   Read More

  14. She's a college grad from Dallas with her eye on a Masters degree in psychology, but you'd never know it. A wild, gutter-mouthed girl who parties five nights a week, Lillian is the type who doesn't think twice about hitting on another woman's man at...   Read More

  15. Maddy is an attractive girl who feels the need to drink every day. Alcohol gives her a feeling of power, and it doesn't help that she works at a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey. She is a fearless, foul-mouthed punkette who won't hesitate to pick a...   Read More