1. Anne Mahlum is a passionate and well-known advocate within the homeless community. She has provided guidance to thousands of people experiencing homelessness, helping them find the confidence needed to build new lives. Everyday, Anne, Founder and...   Read More

  2. Nancy was the eldest of three kids, raised in New Jersey. Her father sexually abused her. Her mother physically abused her younger brother and was later arrested on the charge of manslaughter for the death of Nancy's 13-month old brother. At the age...   Read More

  3. Rob always felt like the misfit in his family of "geniuses." Growing up in South Carolina, he was surrounded by high-achievers like his scuba diver father who salvages wreckage from hurricanes, his stepmother who recently finished her Master's...   Read More

  4. Last summer, with $250 in her pocket, Ava, left her town of 3,000 residents in Cedarville, Ohio and boarded a bus for New York City. She says she needed a new life, and a fresh start.

    Ava was born to God-fearing Baptist parents, both of whom...   Read More